Omnicomm Icon display

Omnicomm Icon display

Knowledge is power. Give your drivers an at-a-glance source of reliable information and instant feedback about their vehicles’ condition and performance to prevent fuel emergencies, encourage safe driving and reinforce positive driver behavior.

OMNICOMM ICON multifunctional interactive display enables continuous communication between driver and control center, and will:

  • Notify drivers and dispatchers about the real-time condition of vehicles/equipment
  • Immediately warn the driver of safety violations
  • Allow dispatchers or fleet managers to assign tasks and manage performance

The ICON display is an optional component of OMNICOMM’s Complete Fleet Management Solution, and can also be used as part of any third-party fleet monitoring solution that contains hardware supported by OMNICOMM’s protocol. It is installed in the vehicle cab, indoor areas or waterproof boxes.

Why do I need it?