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Remote control and management of diesel generators

OMNICOMM provides turnkey, best-in-class solutions for remote genset monitoring and management for organizations that rely on diesel generators for main or emergency power, preventing unexpected power outages because a generator runs out of fuel or is under-maintained, and avoiding loss of business or even loss of life.

Take Power Back

Diesel generator set (genset) operators face numerous challenges to keep gensets operating reliably.


Ensuring uninterrupted operations

Unexpected fuel shortages can cause expensive and even life-threatening power interruptions. Operators need accurate fuel monitoring and the ability to plan refueling.


Technical maintenance 

Monitoring genset parameters such as engine hours and temperature is critical for predictive maintenance, addressing issues before a costly breakdown happens.


Planning replacements 

Accurate data from genset monitoring systems is necessary to pinpoint low-performing generators and plan the delivery of replacement generators, especially in inaccessible locations.

OMNICOMM's remote genset management solution connects to the genset administration panel, monitors almost any parameter with data from our fuel-level sensors and other external sensors, and transmits data in real time to our cloud-based OMNICOMM Online platform.

Operators can control equipment in inaccessible locations, with the option to start and stop equipment remotely. Genset manufacturers can install OMNICOMM equipment in generators directly from the assembly line to give their products a competitive edge.

Complete Genset Monitoring & Management Solution


Real-time reporting & dedicated reports for genset monitoring


OMNICOMM Optim GPS Tracker
Connected to administration panel via MODBUS protocol; performs reliably in adverse conditions


OMNICOMM fuel-level sensor
Most reliable on the market (99.5% accuracy)

Accurate genset monitoring is crucial in many scenarios, including:

Remote mobile base stations often do not have a mains electricity connection and rely entirely on gensets to function. Gensets are also used as an emergency solution for power outages.
Data centers
Data centers cannot afford to stop, as outages would cause chaos across online systems worldwide.
Bank branches
Banks cannot afford to close their doors when there is no electricity, as many customers access banking services in bank branches.
Construction sites
Gensets are sometimes used as single source of power supply, especially when construction is taking place in a far-flung locations.
Manufacturing facilities
Power outages stop assembly lines in their tracks, which leads directly to loss of revenue.
Emergency gensets power medical equipment during power outages and are also used to power field hospitals.


Quality & reliability

  • Fuel-level sensors with unprecedented accuracy of 99.5%.
  • Highly durable GPS Trackers unaffected by difficult conditions.
  • Best-in-class data smoothing/filtration algorithm to deliver meaningful data.
  • Advanced real-time reporting with dedicated genset reports.
  • 5 year warranty on fuel-level sensors.


  • OMNICOMM Optim GPS Tracker connects with various 3rd party sensors to monitor parameters such as temperature, engine hours, etc.
  • OMNICOMM Online platform has an open API for integration with other software systems.
  • Scalable – add gensets and group them to monitor many sites in one platform, as needed.

Industry experience

  • 20+ years’ experience in real-time monitoring of high-value assets.
  • High levels of customer support & strong technical training resources.
  • Global partner network to provide value-added services for customers.
  • Market-proven experts, working with customers such as Galooli Group.

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Download and read OMNICOMM's white paper on remote control of gensets using fuel monitoring and management solutions.


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