Telecommunications technology underpins the development of countless emerging innovations. With the 5G revolution on the horizon, mobile network operators (MNOs) are in a market with great potential.

The global telecommunications services market had a value of around 1.4 trillion USD in 2017, and is forecast to grow to almost 1.46 trillion USD by 2020. A closer look at this growth, however, reveals that revenues for mobile data services are declining as a result of competition and usage trends.

Connected vehicles, in both private consumer and enterprise fleet markets, are a primary area of opportunity. MNOs are increasingly offering advanced, flexible fleet management solutions for connected vehicles as a quality value-added service.

Advanced fleet management solutions for connected vehicles and machinery are crucial for MNOs that serve customers in:

    Logistics & Transportation





Passenger Transportation.png

    Passenger Transportation




    Oil & Gas

Why should MNOs offer fleet management solutions?

Digital solutions increasingly address volatile fuel prices, high labor costs, increased competition, environmental obligations and security issues.

Fleet management solutions in use in Europe expected to reach 14.1 million by 2021, up from 6.6 million in 2016.

MNOs automatically participate in fleet monitoring because of the demand for connectivity.

2G/3G/4G mobile networks are the most commonly used wireless wide area networks for data transmission by fleet management solution providers.

Value-added services using white-label solutions or trusted partners offer potential for additional revenues from service subscriptions and device sales.

Services vary from basic location monitoring to advanced systems with accurate fuel-level monitoring, detailed analytics and video surveillance.

Fuel and labor costs can constitute up to 50% of operational expenses for transportation businesses.

MNOs that offer fleet management solutions with advanced monitoring of fuel levels and driver behavior can give their customers a competitive edge.

Many MNOs focus mainly on transportation customers with fleets of light commercial vehicles.

Advanced fleet monitoring solutions allow MNOs to expand their offering to market segments that use heavy vehicles and special machinery.

OMNICOMM is a leading global developer of complete fuel and fleet management solutions.

From sensors to software, every component is designed to provide detailed, actionable data to help fleet operators:

  • See exactly where assets are in real time
  • Manage labor and fuel expenditure
  • Detect fuel wastage and theft
  • Reduce accidents and security incidents
  • Plan and optimize routes
  • Detect adverse driving events and behavior
  • Predict maintenance and repairs
  • Comply with environmental regulations
  • Maximize efficiency to remain competitive

OMNICOMM’s flexible components integrate smoothly with third-party software and hardware, and are available as stand-alone products or as a complete fleet management solution that MNOs can offer as a value-added service.


  • High-precision fuel-level sensors (99.2% accuracy)
  • On-board terminals, compatible with both GPS and GLONASS
  • LLD indicator displays (optional)
  • OMNICOMM Online cloud-based SaaS fleet management software


BRANDING. OMNICOMM’s fleet management solutions can be sold to customers under your own branding.

FLEXIBILITY. An MNO that just needs hardware can integrate OMNICOMM devices with existing software platforms, but OMNICOMM also provides complete fleet management solutions for total replacement/upgrade of existing value-added service offerings.

RANGE OF SOLUTIONS FROM SINGLE SUPPLIER. Offer customers a customized fleet management solution, covering vehicles and assets ranging from light commercial vehicles to trucks, heavy machinery, mining equipment, marines and trains.

NEW MARKET SEGMENTS. An MNO that just needs hardware can integrate OMNICOMM devices with existing software platforms, but OMNICOMM also provides complete fleet management solutions for total replacement/upgrade of existing value-added service offerings.

OFFER FUEL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS. The ability to economize on fuel is a critical feature of fleet management solutions. OMNICOMM’s highly accurate fuel sensors, advanced fuel data algorithms and powerful fuel management software bring your fleet management offer to the next level.

ADAPTABLE SOFTWARE. Users can switch from a simple at-a-glance interface to professional dashboards, analytics and reports to suit every customer and every demand. It includes desktop and mobile interfaces for both drivers and fleet managers.

MANAGE MNO INFRASTRUCTURE. MNOs can use OMNICOMM solutions to manage their own infrastructure. For example, Galooli Group uses OMNICOMM fuel sensors to monitor diesel-powered generators powering remote mobile base stations in Uganda, decreasing fuel costs by 30-40% and saving 5 million USD annually.

SUPPORT AND TRAINING. OMNICOMM offers high levels of customer support, lifetime partner support and training resources.


  • The most advanced fuel analytics on the market
  • Intuitive, customizable interface of OMNICOMM Online
  • Connected mobile apps increase service usage and popularity
  • Executive dashboard presents all main parameters clearly in a single screen
  • Useful stats, reliable forecasts and advanced reporting and analytics
  • Fully scalable and flexible – add vehicles to the system as needed
  • Best-in-class data smoothing/filtration algorithm filters out data ‘noise’ and delivers meaningful data
  • High-precision fuel-level sensors provide fuel data with over 99.2% accuracy
  • Suitable for a wide range of vehicles and commercial assets
  • On-board terminals unaffected by difficult conditions such as vibration, fluctuations in temperature, humidity, etc
    • Terminals range from lightweight mass market to feature-packed professional grade solutions
    • Premium sensor quality ensures a long product life with exceptionally rare failure incidents for uninterrupted operation
    • MODBUS protocol support enables connection to existing (non-OMNICOMM) sensors that are already installed

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