Getting Railroads on Track
Remote locomotive monitoring solutions for railroad operators

OMNICOMM provides complete fuel monitoring and fleet management solutions to give rail operators maximum control over their valuable assets, with real-time tracking to avoid dry panes and ensure safe speeds.

Take Back Control over High-Value Assets

Locomotives are expensive to buy and maintain, and railroad operators face numerous challenges that hit bottom line profits.


Ensuring efficiency and uninterrupted operations

Idling engines waste fuel during stops while no productive work is being done, and unexpected fuel shortages (dry panes) cause expensive interruptions.


Technical maintenance and monitoring

Engine parameters and conditions need accurate monitoring to ensure locomotives are treated correctly. For example, starting the engine with non-heated oil can cause serious damage.



Railroad accidents are disastrous to human life, cargo, assets and your reputation. Real-time speed and engine parameter monitoring improves safety.

OMNICOMM delivers a complete cloud-based fleet management solution that puts you back in the driver's seat, allowing you to accurately monitor locomotive fuel levels, speed, temperature, ignition status and many other parameters with complete accuracy in real time.

Complete Fuel & Fleet Management Solution


Rich reporting & real-time information


GPS Trackers
Feature-rich, resistant to dirt & vibrations


ICON display (optional)
Shows accurate fuel level to locomotive driver


OMNICOMM fuel-level sensor
Most reliable on the market (99.5% accuracy)


Quality & reliability

  • Fuel-level sensors with unprecedented accuracy of 99.5%.
  • Highly reliable GPS Trackers unaffected by difficult conditions.
  • GPS Trackers connect with external sensors to monitor parameters such as engine & oil temperature, voltage, etc.
  • Best-in-class data smoothing/filtration algorithm to deliver meaningful data.
  • Advanced reporting with 30+ pre-loaded reports & customization options.
  • 5 year warranty on fuel-level sensors.


  • Components available as stand-alone products or as a complete fleet management solution.
  • Sensors can be connected to many third party GPS Trackers.
  • GPS Trackers transmit data to OMNICOMM Online or third party fleet management solutions.
  • OMNICOMM Online supports many third party trackers and has an open API for integration with other software systems.
  • Scalable – add locomotives to the system as needed.

Industry experience

  • 20+ years’ experience in real-time monitoring of high-value assets.
  • OMNICOMM offers lifetime partner support, high levels of customer support & strong technical training resources.
  • Global partner network provides complex solutions & value-added services for customers.
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