FREE-OF-CHARGE integration with Omnicomm
Omnicomm fuel solutions can be integrated into any fleet management system. We have hundreds of examples where integration has been successfully undertaken with both on-board terminals and fleet management systems.

There are a number of ways to integrate into fleet management systems, depending on the client and the specifics of each fleet. We will help you integrate quickly, easily and in accordance to your business development plans.

Integration is free and requires minimum effort from our clients.

Integrating our Sensors into Your Terminals

As one of the market leading fuel sensors, Omnicomm sensor protocols have been integrated into more than 100 partner terminals and our sensors have been installed on 700, 000 vehicles worldwide. We know how to build on-board data collection and display systems for any vehicle with any number of tanks and operational units. Our analogue and digital sensor protocols are well documented and support streaming of sensor data or request/polling of sensor data.

Routing Data to Multiple Services

All data collected by Omnicomm Online can be routed to third party servers as the data is being collected. This rapid cloning and dissemination of data allows your own applications to access the same raw data that our services rely on to provide for reporting purposes.

Custom Reports in OmniComm Online

Should new fuel reports be identified or required, we will develop them alongside our partners; in addition we will manage and maintain these reports moving forward.

Integrating Your Terminal Data into Omnicomm Online

Whether from sensors, geospatial details or other telematics information, data is collected, shaped, and then routed to the appropriate third party applications/services. The shaping element of our workflow saves your terminal engineers time – all we require is development documentation on the data structures to parse and shape data to suit your needs. All integration work undertaken at Omniсomm Online is performed by our own development staff, removing the need for any third party development support.

Access Your Company’s Omnicomm Online Normalized Data

Our partners are able to gain secure access to their customer data to facilitate access to normalized and rationalized fuel data that we collect and report on. Sometimes this normalized data needs to be presented and correlated with other fleet management data to produce insight – such as providing a context of standard deviation for fuel usage when performing certain types of functions/work. This data is available through well defined web services APIs or through a direct connection to the database.