Smart Fuel and Fleet Management Across Industries and Continents

During March 2018 OMNICOMM took part in several important industry events and co-hosted a business breakfast in Lagos, Nigeria, together with its local partner Sattrak Telematics. All of the events were aimed at demonstrating the business value of smart fleet management both for end-users, fleet owners and OMNICOMM partner.

On March 21-22 OMNICOMM took part in Logistics Summit & Expo, the most important Expo in Latin America that brings together the leading suppliers of the logistics sector. This is already the 3rd time OMNICOMM participated in the Expo, this year supporting one of its recently-added partners GM Transport. GM Transport, headquartered in Mexicali and with representative offices in Mexico, USA and Peru, focuses on operational control for federal, private and personal cargo transport. Recently GM Transport integrated OMNICOMM fuel monitoring into their market-leading transport management platform.

Country Manager Elena Denisenko confirms the growing interest to integrating fuel and fleet management with accounting and business management systems and thus increasing the value of fleet management for business.

Almost simultaneously on March 22nd OMNICOMM participated in Telematics Conference Middle East and Africa in Dubai. OMNICOMM Founder & CEO Boris Pankov spoke on how fleet owners can increase fleet capacity utilization and overall business efficiency from the today’s 53-56 and 40-45 percent correspondingly.

During the presentation Boris also introduced the ways for fleet management implementation partners to extend service portfolio and grow revenues by offering end-customers value-added high-margin services with business intelligence modules inside OMNICOMM fleet management platform OMNICOMM Online. Major attraction point for Telematics Conference visitors was the real-time demonstration of fuel-measurement technologies at OMNICOMM booth.

Business breakfast on benefits of smart fleet & fuel management in Lagos, Nigeria on March 29th co-organized by OMNICOMM and Sattrak Telematics topped the month, gathering more than 30 participants, both fleet owners and system integrators engaged in developing information systems for oil & gas, telecom, finance and other industries.

Companies operating a fleet of vehicles are fully aware of all the challenges associated with fuel. Fuel is literally the driving force across every mile and accounts for the single biggest slice of operational costs. Sattrak CEO Abdul Bamgbopa and OMNICOMM Country Manager Africa Anatoly Sidorov presented the ways to get a handle on fuel costs and improve business performance with value-added asset management.

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April 2, 2018