Omnicomm Took Part in Telematics for Fleet Management Europe 2014 Conference

Omnicomm has participated in the Telematics for Fleet Management Europe 2014 conference (Amsterdam), as part of which Boris Pankov (Omnicomm General Manager) presented a report “Fuel Monitoring as an Integral Component of a Fleet Management System”. Mr. Pankov's presentation drew a lot of interest from the conference participants and guests.
Integration of fuel monitoring into FMS solutions offers an indisputable competitive advantage over other service providers in the market for FMS services. Telematics equipment vendors and service providers showed a great interest to the Omnicomm LLS fuel sensor that was displayed at the Omnicomm booth.

On the day two of the conference, Boris Pankov participated in a panel discussion with representatives of Scania, Continental, Freight Transport Association, and Telematics Valley. The discussion topic was  “A Common, Integrated Platform for Fleets”. The key idea of the discussion is that corporate IT systems require full integration among vehicle drivers, system operators, company management, and vendors of telematics system. Participants also touched on the technology challenges involved in designing such platforms. The discussion centered on the advantages of unified platforms, including platforms having a service-oriented structure that makes it possible to create various service applications tailored to specific customer needs.

March 31, 2014