Omnicomm shares expertise in Fuel Monitoring at Expo Carga Mexico

Omnicomm, international hi-tech company, developer and manufacturer of highly accurate fuel monitoring solutions and fleet management systems, presented recent success cases at one of the leading trade fairs for logistic industry in Mexico, Expo Carga 2014.

The report “How to prevent fuel theft in transport sector in Mexico” was delivered by the company’s representative, senior business development manager Elena Denisenko in cooperation with one of the leading integrators in Mexico Smart Tracker. It included not only the methods to effectively prevent fuel theft but also provided concrete results Smart Tracker end clients achieved after applying Omnicomm fuel monitoring solutions.
The event was attended by over 50 people from different companies, including large fleet owners and telematics integrators. The idea was to show how accurate fuel monitoring solutions reduce costs by large for companies operating fleets. Elena showed it providing vivid ROI arithmetic of Smart Tracker integrated solutions fitted with Omnicomm fuel level sensors.

Smart Tracker, Mexico, has already integrated 460 Omnicomm LLS in 230 vehicles. The arithmetic is just this simple: fuel level sensor + installation = the cost of full petroleum load for two vehicles.

The full return of investments in the case of Smart Tracker client was just in 3 months. As a result, the fleet owner was totally satisfied with immediate economy he realized by implementing fuel control system. Smart Tracker CEO, Jorge Andonie, shared with us that the presentation was highly successful. More than a half of visitors have already requested the service for effective fuel control. "We are convinced that we have the best equipmente existing in the market to prevent theft and help control fleets in your business", - he resumed.

June 6, 2014