Omnicomm LLS presents visible results at Kamioni Truck Show in Bulgaria

The fourth edition of Truck Show Kamioni held on June 5-6, 2014 traditionally at Lesnovo Airport in Bulgaria saw detailed presentation of Omnicomm LLS Fuel Level Sensors to wide professional audience. Truck manufacturers, dealers, special machinery fleet owners, component suppliers, telematics integrators – all the participants of the annual event – had an opportunity to experience the working mechanism of Omnicomm fuel monitoring solutions, observe how it works and measure its effectiveness themselves. The total number of event visitors beat all records, equaling to over 2500 people.

Omnicomm fuel monitoring solutions were showcased by the company’s exclusive distributor in Bulgaria, Cast Engineering Ltd. The main idea of live presentation was to show precision and reliability of Omnicomm sensors and compare them with the other ways to measure fuel consumption. Besides Omnicomm LLS, at the show were presented the analog products of two competitors. They conduct fuel monitoring using CAN BUS FMS data. Thus, the demonstration was in a form comparison of fuel monitoring mechanisms with Omnicomm solutions. It attracted over two hundred viewers. Visible difference in accuracy of results in dynamics spoke in favor of Omnicomm LLS sensors quality. “The result from our efforts is that more and more people finally understand that only GPS tracking is not enough. More and more are happy to have on board Omnicomm LLS. CAST Engineering is continuing its campaign under the slogan”…You have no idea!”, - Daniel Kitin, Cast Engineering CEO commented.  

Practically all truck brands were presented at Kamioni this year: from MAZ, the famous Russian truck brand, to world renowned automobile giants such as Volvo, Scania, Mercedes and Renault among the participants. Cast Engineering installed Omnicomm LLS in one of DAF Euro standard trucks which took part in this Kamioni event showing the Omnicomm brand fuel level sensor in operation. Dynamics, great variety, many exhibits, entertainment are just some of the superlatives regarding the event. Besides trucks, buses, trailers, commercial vehicles, parts and accessories for them this year and had lots of fun and prizes. The organizers of the event noted the record number of visitors at the show. Many of them attended the demonstration of Omnicomm LLS and software. “This is one of the major events involving trucks and truck professionals”, - Mr. Kitin shared his impressions about the event. “As Omnicomm exclusive dealer in Bulgaria we were glad to present Omnicomm brand LLS fuel level sensors and show our installation in motion. The difference between a standard fuel monitoring solution, be it a floater or some other type, and LLS Fuel Level Sensors designed and manufactured by Omnicomm is indeed noticeable. Our point was not only to present and speak about Omnicomm hi-tech monitoring solutions but to let people see and compare the results themselves”, - he concluded.

At Kamioni show Cast Engineering presented not only Omnicomm fuel monitoring solutions but also Omnicomm GPS platform for vehicle tracking. Cast Engineering specialists have in-depth knowledge of all the range of the company’s fleet management equipment being authorized distributors since 2008. Approximately 3000 vehicles have been equipped with Omnicomm LLS sensors since start of cooperation. All sensors are provided with certificates which guarantee normal operation in dust, water, vibration and special environmental conditions.

June 10, 2014