Omnicomm and Riddhi infosystem discussed fuel and fleet management challenges and opportunities in India with transport and logistics companies

Omnicomm and Riddhi infosystem discussed fuel and fleet management challenges and opportunities in India with transport and logistics companies

December 2016 Omnicomm together with Riddhi Infosystem organized an outreach event with the objective of creating a platform for two-way communication between fuel and fleet management providers and fleet owners (primarily transport companies and logistics-but not limiting to these!).

The key goals of the event

The event was organized to get direct feedback from end-user as well as to answer all burning questions around fuel monitoring and management, presenting Omnicomm's readiness for partnership spirit and support for partners, wherever they are.

Presentations during the event

Event was packed with interactive presentations by top executives from Omnicomm and their Indian partner, Riddhi Infosystem. Mr Ashok Pandya, Managing Director, Riddhi Infosystem introduced Indian transportation landscape and a framework for Operational expenses in typical logistic and transportation company in India. As per his analysis as much as 60% of the operational costs (without loan repayments) is accounted for by fuel.

Boris Pankov, founder and CEO, Omnicomm presented Omnicomm’s experience around the world, highlighting how Omnicomm LLS sensors accurately and reliably monitor fuel consumption using Omnicomm Online fuel reports.

Omnicomm technical specialist Vamsi Varanasi presented technical demonstration of the reliability and accuracy of Omnicomm LLS sensors. He also presented options for various fuel reports within the system, which can provide valuable management data.

Paul Lomonosov, Omnicomm's Chief Sales & Marketing Officer presented how fuel monitoring and management can be useful in other industrial verticals, such as Agricultural machinery, Shipping, Road construction, Mining, Generators and People transportation.

Mohit Mehrotra, business head India and South Asia presented customer’s positive experience in management practice. While probing an Omnicomm customer discovered that LLS implementation led to positive changes in internal management. With LLS monitoring accurate fuel consumption, there was an incentive for “honest drivers” instead of the old system rewarding corrupt ones.

Success of the event

The event was very successful indeed. It was organized as a small high touch event, which enabled direct communication among key executives from Omnicomm, Indian partner Riddhi Infosystem, and top executives and CEOs of seven Logistics companies. Total of 15 attendees with titles of Director / CFO/ Owner/ Joint Managing Director/ Manager was the perfect setting for creative and fruitful work, conclusions and results. The audience represented approximately 1,400 trucks. Omnicomm team presented their case studies, shared ROI and fuel analytics reports, and finally shared accuracy of fuel sensors.

Customers shared their challenges in the area of fuel management, which was very valuable insight for Omnicomm team. Satisfied clients shared their success with Omnicomm and discussed practical challenges in a positive environment.

In summary, it is evident that fuel monitoring and management is a key concern in India, where fuel theft is rampant hard to control until now. Omnicomm's fuel sensors can take care of this problem through an automated process. Ability to monitor fuel consumption and optimize fuel management will enable transportation companies to upgrade their functioning and cut down operational costs.

Attendees agreed that event was very successful and that there is a definite need to organize something similar in near future.

“Fuel theft is a major problem in India. Until we discovered Omnicomm, our team had conducted a lot of research in the market to find an accurate and reliable solution to monitor fuel consumption, but to no avail. We had to depend on what our drivers told us, and we felt “blind-folded” with respect to actual fuel consumption. Post deployment of Omnicomm we have achieved 30-35% operational saving by monitoring fuel consumption / pilferage. Earlier we had an elaborate system of checks and balance, that included several check-points in the country; at each check-point we had deployed people to manually check actual filling and consumption, and had built complex procedure to pay by average mileage. This was complicated. After deployment of Omnicomm we now have automated this process and we have considerably reduced manual effort of 10-15 people across the country at these checkpoints” says Amreesh Soni, Director- Decent Cargo Movers Pvt Ltd, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai

Uday Malya, CFO- BLR transport, Goregaon East, Mumbai stresses that “Traditionally we have not done trip wise fuel monitoring, but there is always a concern about adulteration; we have been evaluating fuel sensors. Today we have heard Omnicomm presentation and insights that I will be sharing with the Operational team. We will take these inputs, the valuable advice of Riddhi Infosystem and evaluate Omnicomm in near future”

January 12, 2017