Fuel Theft is Now a Thing of the Past in Uganda

Omnicomm, a leading Russian vendor of GLONASS/GPS-enabled vehicle tracking and fleet management systems, has installed fuel level sensors on diesel generators that power base stations of mobile operators in Uganda. It is a joint project with Omnicomm's African partner Galooli Group.

Galooli Group is a leading vendor of energy-saving solutions and technologies for remote control, monitoring, and security of out-of-the-way facilities. The company has operations in Africa and Latin America, with commercial solutions deployed in 22 countries for over 1,500 corporate clients. In East Africa, Galooli is implementing an ambitious project that involves remote monitoring of mobile base stations. As part of the project, Omnicomm LLS 20160 fuel level sensors have been installed on over 2,000 diesel generators powering remote mobile base stations in Uganda. Thanks to the project, the generator fuel costs have decreased by 30 - 40%, and overall savings have amounted to over $5 mln. per year.

Commenting on the project, Galooli Marketing Manager Yishai Duke said: "Based on readouts from Omnicomm fuel level sensors, we are able to provide our clients with accurate information on consumption rates, current fuel levels, and also completely rule out fuel draining and overstatement of fuel costs".

"Our experience shows that no country is immune to the problem of fuel theft. It is especially rampant in locations where strict controls and accounting are non-existent. Omnicomm fuel level sensors provide accurate information on the actual quantity of fuel received and consumed, which deters theft and helps companies to achieve substantial cost savings", says Omnicomm Deputy Director Stanislav Emelyanov.

Omnicomm and Galooli Group are planning to expand the project to Nigeria and Tanzania.

May 2, 2014