Omnicomm operates a permanent Training and Certification Program

Our training program ensures that our partners and users of our product develop the necessary skill sets and acquire the knowledge and first-hand experience in installing, promoting and selling Omnicomm products.

We are always happy to offer you customized training courses and study materials that will help your staff to perfect their skills. After completing technical training, you will be able to save time and money when installing and servicing our equipment. Students who successfully complete the training program and pass the final test are eligible to receive a personal certificate of achievement.

You are welcome to attend a trial webinar on an Omnicomm product

Please contact us to register or to learn more

Training is provided in our countries of presence: the EU, Brazil, Mexico and India. Omnicomm also offers training webinars in English, conducted by Sergei Panfilov, a professional online coach with the Omnicomm Training Center.

The webinars are one-of-a-kind: customized and closely tailored to the needs of each and every client. Study topics are divided into blocks. The training process is always accompanied by intuitive video tutorials. Knowledge is internalized through testing and practical assignments.

You will learn about the key specific features of the Omnicomm equipment and learn all the details about the fast and easy installation process.

Trainees have an opportunity to acquire the full extent of technical knowledge about Omnicomm products, ask any questions about equipment installation, practice connecting and configuring Omnicomm LLS sensors first-hand under the supervision of a company professional, and receive study materials and helpful pointers.