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Oil slump: is fuel control still actual?
Oil slump: is fuel control still actual?

The oil market collapse, lasting from the middle of 2014, knocked down crude oil prices to the level of 30-35 USD (Brent) this January, and discussions about the necessity of fuel consumption management earn a new lease of life.

There are many reasons why control of fuel supply for fleets is still more than actual, however, the most vivid illustration is here: fuel prices don’t want to lose ground too fast, as we all want.

During the last 18 months, crude oil lost 75 percent of its price, thus fuel prices graphics don’t look correlated enough in different countries.

This situation is very interesting in the United States. With a small spread in values, the gasoline price fell as the black gold quotations. Now the gas cost offers are being arranged between $1.5 per gallon in Oklahoma and $2.7 per gallon in California. A price was higher up to 30-40 percents in July of 2014.


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El gasto de combustible puede constituir hasta el 50% del total de los gastos de una empresa de autotransporte. Es por esto que es importante no sólo encontrar una manera de reducir el consumo, sino también de evitar los casos de robo de diésel.