20 more borewell drilling rigs machines were equipped with OMNICOMM technology after a pilot project. Fuel contributes to over 70% of operating costs and over 50 liters of fuel used to be unaccounted for every day before installation of OMNICOMM fuel sensor.
Savings of ₹50,000 per month was achieved per borewell rig after installation of Omnicomm fuel sensor.
Omnicomm fuel level sensors and iSYS Professional software bring fuel costs down by 20% and help optimise key business processes for Salubris S.A. Having reviewed its 5-year partnership with Omnicomm, the Romanian hazardous waste collection company Salubris S.A. is now looking forward to taking its business with the Russian provider of fleet management solutions to the next level.
PZC Varaždin d.d. is a Croatian construction company established in 1997. Its primary activities are related to highway, street and bridge construction, and the scope of secondary operations covers heavy and civil engineering construction and cement and concrete product manufacturing. The company operates in several counties in Croatia all year round. In particular, it maintains 520 km of state roads, 939 km of county roads, 993 km of local roads and 132 km of unclassified roads in winter.
"ZAO Spetstransmonolit" (CJSC) is a large business specialising in construction of transport infrastructure, bridges and tunnels. The company was founded in 2001 and has experienced active growth ever since.
Investing in Omnicomm monitoring systems paid off in less than 5 months and the company's own numbers suggests that its monthly diesel savings totaled an estimated 17.5 tons, or 6,560 dollars.
"OAO SMP-NEFTEGAZ" (OJSC) has produced over 4 million tons of oil during its operations. The company's current priorities are with the building and construction of the 'Western Europe – Western China' main pipe in the 'Alexeyevskoye – Almetievsk' leg.
Fuel savings of 30% given unchanged scope and volume of work: an equivalent of cost cuts of 31,250 dollars per month- a sa result of implementing Omnicomm fuel monitoring system.

OJSC AK Transneft is a Russian transport company and an operator of the main oil pipelines of Russia. The main activity of the company is transportation of crude oil and petroleum products via the pipeline system on the territory of Russia and overseas. Transneft and its subsidiaries have the world’s largest system of oil pipelines - 70 thousand km and over 500 pump stations.  The company transports 93% of oil extracted in Russia.

FUEL EXPENSES REDUCED BY 30%, AND INVESTMENT IN OMNICOMM FOR 460 VEHICLES REPAID IN 3 MONTHS Aeroflot, JSC – a member of Sky Team global airline alliance – is known as one of the top quality air carriers in Eastern Europe.



Trattori Lamborghini

Lamborghini, an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sport cars, began as a producer of farm tractors and other agricultural machinery. To this day, Lamborghini continues to manufacture agricultural equipment.

Galooli Telecom

$5 MILLION USD ANNUAL SAVINGS Galooli Group is one of the leading telematics vendors of energy-saving solutions and technologies for remote control, monitoring and security for remote facilities.


The KAMAZ-master is a team of prominent racers, who are 3 time World Cup champions in off-road truck rallies. The team has won the Silk Way rally several times and is a thirteen-time winner of the legendary Dakar Rally.

Norilsk Nickel Group

OVER $1 Million USD SAVED ON FUEL COSTS PER MONTH WITH OMNICOMM. Norilsk Nickel Group is the world’s largest producer of nickel and palladium, and one of the world’s leading producers of platinum and copper.