Programa de parceiros

We work only with certified partners

We love it that we can take full responsibility for the product we manufacture.
Our product is highly innovative and therefore has certain specific that is important to understand before taking first order.
We will be happy to offer all sorts of trainings, manuals and necessary materials for you to feel sure and capable even during your first project.

We sign a reseller-agreement

We need not only to be legally safe but also to make sure that our partners’ interests are taken into consideration and secured.

We run first installation (Proof of Concept) together with you

We have been in the market for more than 18 years now.
We have installed our equipment in thousands of vehicles (ourselves and together with partners now).
We receive feedback every day and will be happy to share our experience with you in the begging of your successful journey in telematics.

Warranty policy

We trust our partners and try to support them in the challenges they are facing. We know how complicated a process of getting a warranty is.

So we allow Certified Partners to pre-define “warranty” cases in the field.

  • Omnicomm guarantees a maximum level of warranty cases at 0.5% of total number of sensors supplied
  • Upon exceeding the maximum committed level, Omnicomm will pay to the Partner a fee of EUR 20 per additional warranty sensor
  • Omnicomm ships to the partner 2 sensors for each 100 sensors purchased, free of charge, to form a “warranty stock”.
Loyalty program
We value long and trustworthy relationship and are happy to offer additional benefits to our loyal partners. There are two types of partners in our Omnicomm global family: Basic and Premium.

Here are loyalty bonuses our partners get:

Benefits Basic Premium
Quantity discount 0-25% 0-25%
Additional loyalty discount 0% - 5%
Dedicated manager from Omnicomm + +
Dedicated technical support + +
Omnicomm demo equipment +
Sales and marketing support including
  • Omnicomm participation in sales meetings
  • Sales kit
  • Co-budgeting
  • PR-support
Co-marketing (lead generation) - +
Payment terms  * + +
Certified RMA engineers  ** - +

*  max post-payment amount 1 month revenue from the channel as average for the last 3 month
**  starts from 500 LLS order includes RMA stock

Here is the list of requirements to be included in any of these groups

Requirements Basic Premium
Sertified engineers 2 2
Sertified sales 2 2
Tech support L1 + +
Omni brand on partner website +
Co- Marketing activities +
Competitive LLS Allowed Not allowed
Sales annual >$50K >10k per quarter

Please request additional information from you sales manager or contact us

We are always open for your feedback and will be happy to see you in our international family