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Кражбите на гориво продължават да са сериозно перо от загубите, които търпят автомобилните превозвачи. И не само те. Същото е положението и в строителния бранш и в селското стопанство и при транспорта на течните горива. Интелигентно решение за справяне с тях предлагат от българската компания Каст Инженеринг ЕООД и руският им партньор Omnicomm.

8 formas más usadas para robar diésel y sus 8 soluciones

El gasto de combustible puede constituir hasta el 50% del total de los gastos de una empresa de autotransporte. Es por esto que es importante no sólo encontrar una manera de reducir el consumo, sino también de evitar los casos de robo de diésel.

Oil slump: is fuel control still actual?

The oil market collapse, lasting from the middle of 2014, knocked down crude oil prices to the level of 30-35 USD (Brent) this January, and discussions about the necessity of fuel consumption management earn a new lease of life.
Stanislav Maksimov and Elena Denisenko, Omnicomm, commenting on demand of fuel control in times of oil slump & decline in fuel prices.

Omnicomm developed a water level sensor

Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensor is the core product which became industry standard. Operating since 1998 Omnicomm delivers its products to over 110 countries worldwide.

In May 2015 Omnicomm received a request from the KAMAZ-master design office team for the development and production of the water level sensor.

Omnicomm ships its 600 000 th fuel sensor to South Africa

The milestone sensor has been recently shipped from the warehouse and sent to South Africa to Omnicomm partners for further installation.

Omnicomm presents Zeek Fuel in Mexico

The presentation of the new fuel monitoring solution was held at the 4th annual industry conference Baja Telematics in Mexico City.

Growing logistics and transport client base leads Omnicomm to open first office in Central America

In the course of several recent years Central and Latin America have become strategic regions for the company development. At the moment, Omnicomm is cooperating with about 40 integrators across the country. The newly opened office in Mexico – and the first one in Central America – is located in the capital, Mexico City.

Omnicomm opens first office in India

Omnicomm announced the inauguration of its first office in India, in Chennai, to carry out sales operations and provide technical support to customers.

Omnicomm delivers results in Romania

After concluding that expenses on fuel were too high, Strabag in Romania decided to apply specific telematics solutions primarily aimed at fuel consumption monitoring. The management organized a tender which involved 6 companies at the first stage. Strabag in Romania has reduced its monthly spending on the fleet by 30% thanks to Omnicomm fleet management equipment.

Specifics of fleet management in mining industry

Omnicomm has had a long lasting direct experience working with mining machinery. The article by the Head of International Sales Stanislav Maksimov gives an insight into peculiarities of controlling fuel expenses in the mining sector, which is developing rapidly in Africa.

Telematics in the Middle East growing at light speed

Boris Pankov, CEO of Omnicomm, stressed on the fact that the Middle East is witnessing a change in mentalities, making it more productive. He emphasized the need for partnerships between local and international players, where everyone would be a winner.

Russian transport telematics installations fell 15% in 2014, Omnicomm survey shows

The Analytical Center of Omnicomm has released the results of the 5th annual research on the market of transport monitoring and tachographs in 2014. The survey was conducted in November and December last year and included 1,223 companies from Russia and CIS countries engaged in the development, manufacture, integration and sales of the systems for transport monitoring and fuel consumption control.