5 YEARS’ warranty for Omnicomm LLS 4 & LLS-AF4

We are happy to offer our partners the full 5 years’ warranty for OMNICOMM LLS 4 & LLS-AF 4 fuel-level sensors.

Omnicomm appoints Jens Strohschneider Global Chief Commercial Officer
OMNICOMM announces the appointment of Jens Strohschneider, the former head of international sales in the company, to the position of Global Sales Director.
Omnicomm Unveils New Sensor Line and Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Omnicomm has announced its next-generation fuel-sensor line, even safer and more robust for extreme accuracy and flawless operation in the toughest conditions.

Smart Fuel and Fleet Management Across Industries and Continents

During March 2018 OMNICOMM took part in several important industry events and co-hosted a business breakfast in Lagos, Nigeria, together with its local partner Sattrak Telematics. All of the events were aimed at demonstrating the business value of smart fleet management both for end-users, fleet owners and OMNICOMM partners.

Omnicomm Smart Fleet Management for Transport & Logistics: Facilitating Efficiency
OMNICOMM India will share its vision on the emergence of new business models facilitated by the arrival of robust IoT sensors and computing platforms during the Global Logistics Show at the Mumbai Exhibition Center, February 22-24th, 2018.
A Omnicomm deseja a você um feliz natal e um próspero ano novo
Com o ano de 2017 chegando ao fim, nós da Omnicomm queremos expressar a mais calorosa gratidão a você, nosso parceiro, que ajudou a fazer que as tecnologias de gestão de combustível e gestão de frota da Omnicomm pudessem ser alcançadas pelo mercado global de telemática e pelos proprietários de frotas do mundo todo.
Omnicomm Advances into Eastern Europe With a Stellar Appearance at the Telematics Conference SEEurope 2017
On September 28, 2017 Omnicomm participated at a large telematics event that took place in Slovakia’s Bratislava: the Telematics Conference SEEurope.
Omnicomm India at Telematics India 2017: Talking Business
On August 17-18, 2017 Omnicomm India took part in the Telematics India 2017: Pune Trade Show. With 176 companies enlisted to participate, this is by far one of the largest industry events in the region. Representatives from 56 different companies visited the Omnicomm stall and showed utmost interest in its fuel management solutions.
Partner Seminars in Kenya Bring In New Contracts
In March 2017, Omnicomm has visited two key cities in Kenya in order to co-host seminars for local fleet owners with its Kenyan partner. Partner events of this kind aim to provide sales support, attract new clients to companies in charge of Omnicomm products in foreign markets and stimulate their sales.
Omnicomm Mexico Invited to a Partner Training Event
Omnicomm Mexico has recently attended a training session organized by CalAmp, its hardware partner in Mexico. It was the first official educational event for CalAmp’s customers, involving basic technical training. Omnicomm was the only partner invited to join the program.
Unlocking Opportunities In Mexico: Omnicomm at Expo Seguridad 2017
On March 14-16, 2017 Omnicomm became one of the exhibitors at the famous Expo Seguridad, the largest annual event in the security industry in Mexico. Co-represented with Suntech, a hardware producer and a long-term partner, Omnicomm enjoyed an intense schedule full of meetings and discussions, providing networking and business opportunities for the company.
Omnicomm and Cast Engineering Ltd: “Fuel consumption management technology is expanding in the Bulgarian market”
March 14Th, 2017 Omnicomm and Cast Engineering Ltd. held a seminar in Sophia, Bulgaria attended by more than fifteen transportation companies. This was an exceptional opportunity for the Bulgarian organizations to learn about the innovative fuel consumption management technology that allows to achieve above 40% of the fuel budget savings.