Omnicomm fuel management system

Complete Ready-to-go fuel management system
You can start immediately and offer new product in your portfolio!
  • Our solution provides you with precise fuel measurements and customised reports on fuel levels and fuel events, so you can detect anomalies and eliminate fuel theft.

  • Real-time vehicle and route tracking can be viewed on interactive maps, enabling the identification of hazardous driving events and can plan routes based on past route playbacks.

Get real control over your fuel management and start earning more!

Omnicomm Fuel Management System comes with:
  • Owned warehouses in key regions ensuring stock is always available
  • Manufacturer approved training and installation team
  • Full cycle technical support
  • Support and advice is available direct from the manufacturer
  • Sales support: from flyers and informative promotional material to participation in sales meetings
  • Warranty decision - partners are entitled to decide whether an issue can be classified as a warranty case
  • Immediate change of stock in case of breakdown – ensuring clients' vehicles are under control at all times
As a true partner, we always work with you and offer excellent technical and sales support
  • Omnicomm is always on hand to assist with any technical support requirements.   Our technical team speaks several international languages and can answer any questions related to installation, integration and operation of the fuel monitoring system.   We have an HQ support center, and qualified engineers in Russia, EU, Mexico, Brazil and India.
  • We provide excellent sales training, advertising and other informational materials enabling you to become experts in our technology and increase your sales.
  • We also provide a unique level of promotional support for our key partners. We initiate media campaigns with top resources in targeted areas to promote fuel management technology, therefore directing purchasers to the appropriate regional partner.
Omnicomm online cloud based telematics software
Omnicomm online offers real business intelligence and equips you to make the right decisions.

Our solution provides you with customised fuel level and fuel event reports, enabling the detection of anomalies and the elimination of fuel theft. By using real-time interactive maps, Omnicomm online's reliable route tracking allows you to spot hazardous driving conditions and plan alternative routes, based on historic route playbacks.

Our software has been designed to integrate into any system quickly, easily and with minimum impact on your business processes. Your clients will not be disturbed.
As a true partner, we always work with you and offer excellent technical and sales support.

Enhance your proposition by offering your clients added value, including:
  • Accurate fuel level and fuel events displays
  • Business intelligence with solid statistics, in-depth reports and abuse alerts, vehicle and route tracking
  • The detection of anomalies and the elimination of fuel theft issues
  • Abuse alerts
  • The ability to view vehicle idle times and engine performance
  • Data-rich statistics and extensive reports for a cost-control strategies
  • Essential business intelligence giving you indispensable insight to maximise efficiency and productivity
  • Mobile apps to boost flexibility
  • Smart notifications to keep you up to date
  • Push notifications