Complementary solution

A comprehensive hardware and software solution for your existing fleet management system with additional fuel monitoring feature

Get 'ready to go' fuel management system that uses your company's branding

Did you know that Omnicomm enables you to add its fuel management system to your product portfolio? Taking advantage of this unique solution, you can fit a reliable fuel level sensor that is compatible not only with Omnicomm but also 500 other manufacturers' onboard terminals and cloud-based software. What's more, you'll have access to over 40 reports which will start saving you money within two weeks.

Omnicomm solutions offer key features that can be branded with your logo:

Free-of-charge complete integration
into your system in 2 weeks
Fueling and draining alerts
Detailed analysis of fuel consumption
40 + analytical reports
Tracking motion parameters
Productive time tracking
Control over additional equipment
Control over vehicles in motion
Omnicomm will customise its software solution to your specific needs, preferences and expectations. It'll enrich your existing reporting system with 40+ kpi reports

Our software interface can be branded with your logo and designed in compliance with your brand guidelines such as including your company colors, fonts.
Fuel reports generated using the Omnicomm solution can be set up to report on specific parameters as desired by the customer. Typical examples include everything from fuel consumption and vehicle location to vehicle routes and fuel theft. It's also possible to set alerts on key events such as fuelling and draining and ignition on/off. Mobile apps enable users to stay informed from almost everywhere 24/7.
Omnicomm is always on hand to assist with any technical or sales issues

Our technical support team speaks several international languages and can answer any questions related to installation, integration and operation of the fuel monitoring system.   We have an HQ support center, and qualified engineers in Russia, EU, Mexico, Brazil and India.

We provide excellent technical and sales training, alongside informative promotional materials to enable you to become experts in our technology and increase your sales.

Upsell your clients!
Enter new market segments!
Add value to your clients with highly accurate fuel data!
Omnicomm online cloud based telematics software
Omnicomm online offers real business intelligence and equips you to make the right decisions

Our solution provides you with customized reports on fuel levels and fuel events, so you can detect anomalies and eliminate fuel theft. With Omnicomm online you get reliable real-time vehicle and route tracking using interactive maps so you are aware of hazardous driving events and can plan routes based on past route playbacks.

Software has been designed to integrate into any system quickly, easily and with minimum impact on your business processes. Your clients are not disturbed.
As a true partner, we always work with you and offer excellent technical and sales support.

You can enhance your proposition by offering your clients added value, including:
  • Accurate fuel level and fuel events display
  • Business intelligence with solid statistics, in-depth reports and abuse alerts, vehicle and route tracking
  • Detection of anomalies and the elimination of fuel theft issues
  • Abuse alerts
  • See vehicle idle times and engine performance
  • Data-rich statistics and extensive reports for a cost-control strategy
  • Essential business intelligence give you indispensable insight to maximise efficiency and productivity
  • Mobile apps boost flexibility
  • Smart notifications keep you up to date
  • Set up push notifications