The year in review

For Omnicomm, international hi-tech industry company, the year 2014 was marked with several major events and breakthroughs both in domestic and foreign markets. Following the trends which started in 2013, the company continued to enter and develop the new markets, widening geography. At the same time, following the latest research conducted by Omnicomm, it continues to occupy one of the top positions in fuel telematics, with 59% and first place concerning the domestic market.

In January Omnicomm’s Analytical Center provided research data on the Russian transport telematics market 2013 to Berg Insight agency. Later on the company also widened its cooperation with research agencies interested in Omnicomm’s analytics and established exchange of data with Israeli Spot Am and their partner American Driscoll & Associates.

In total, Omnicomm’s products are now delivered to more than 108 countries worldwide, that number increasing throughout the year.

The year 2014 was rich for establishing cooperation in Latin America. Rastreasul (Brazil), Smart Tracker (Mexico), Argus Telematics (Mexico), W-Track (Brazil), Petro Track (Chile), Control Fiel (Mexico), WideTech (Colombia) became Omnicomm’s official partners.

Asia and namely India can be pointed as one of the main regions for international development in 2014. At Telematics India the team signed partnership agreements with four large Indian companies-developers, providers and integrators of fleet management solutions. Dozens of test installations showed good results.

Besides Latin American and Asian vectors, Omnicomm continues dealing with African market. The peak was opening the front office for African business development in Johannesburg. Omnicomm Africa is now acting as the company’s official dealer on the continent.

Several extraordinary projects for the company happened in 2014. For instance, Omnicomm LLS was installed in the largest mobile crane in Europe. Omnicomm continued technical sponsorship for KAMAZ-master team. In January of 2014 the fleet management equipment once again passed the serious Dakar test successfully.

During the expiring year the company also supported the expedition to the North Pole, equipping the pneumo off-roader with Omnicomm’s complete fleet management system. This expedition is about to start in the early 2015. Omnicomm is interested in such unusual projects because they prove suitability of the company’s solutions for work in various extraordinary conditions.

In 2014 Omnicomm started its green eco-initiatives participating in the UN project aimed at reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on roads and highways in summer. The company installed fuel level sensors and monitoring systems for the Eco-driving training center to promote economically efficient and environmentally friendly consumption of petroleum.

Speaking about the new products, in 2014 Omnicomm released the new line of onboard terminals – Omnicomm Profi 2.0, Optim 2.0, Light 2.0. They all have more advanced features than the previous version. One of the new onboard terminals is Profi 2.0 Wi Fi. It is recommended for vehicles in the places where cellular network coverage is weak or absent.

The company’s software Omnicomm Online also underwent some modifications. The new version 2.10 was enriched with additional features in the reports.

In summer Omnicomm opened the new stock in Mexico. Since that time the products have been available right in the country’s capital – Mexico City, making the distribution process more convenient and time saving.

In Mexico Omnicomm also became the official consultant of ANERPV, Mexican National Association of Companies for Tracking and Protection of Vehicles.

September 2014 was full of international events for the company. CTIA in Las Vegas, Telematics Update Brazil & LatAm,  Electra Mining Africa, Baja Telematics, Telematics Conference SEEurope in Bucharest.  Omnicomm’s representatives witnessed large interest to fuel and fleet monitoring equipment.

In the beginning of October the company announced having sold its 500,000th fuel level sensor since the beginning of the company’s operations. That number included the items sold worldwide, ranking Omnicomm among global leaders in fuel telematics sector.
In November the company first presented its products in Italy at Smart Mobility World in Turin. The company is interested in the Italian market due to the growing demand for equipment that allows effective monitoring fuel consumption and optimization of fleet expenses.  

In December the anniversary 100,000th Omnicomm onboard terminal was shipped.  

In the close of the year, examining its experience regarding operations during 2014, Omnicomm estimated that the company’s turnover equaled to 33 mln USD. Thus, in 7 past years the turnover increased by 9 times.

Examining the situation in the market Omnicomm’s Analytical Center set out such general trends as dominating for the year 2014:

1.    Many pressures and fluctuations affecting the world’s oil industry demand even more thorough attention to fleet management
2.    There is an ever growing trend among integrators to include fuel consumption monitoring in fleet management solutions
3.    To operate your fleet profitably, to keep fuel costs down, it is necessary to identify and correct one of the main reasons for high fuel consumption: poor driving behavior
4.    In the domestic transport fleet management market tachographs is the main trend for 2014

December 22, 2014