Smart Tracker becomes the official integrator of Omnicomm solutions in Mexico

Smart Tracker, manufacturer of GPS fleet tracking systems, one of the largest integrators in Mexico, and Omnicomm, international hi-tech industrial company, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of fuel monitoring equipment and other solutions for fleet management, have signed an official partnership agreement. As a result, Smart Tracker received the Certificate from Omnicomm granting it the status of official integrator of Omnicomm solutions on the territory of Mexico.

The partnership agreement between the two companies was signed exactly one year after the actual start of cooperation. Before initiating joint projects with Omnicomm Smart Tracker carried out a thorough analysis examining the fuel monitoring equipment manufactured by the company. At the moment the Mexican company has already integrated a total of 500 Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensor in complex fleet management solutions. Omnicomm fuel consumption monitoring equipment was fitted inside different Kenworth trucks and gas filling stations throughout the country. Smart Tracker is the only nationwide integrator operating on the territory of this Latin American state.  

Smart Tracker CEO, Jorge Andonie, shared his impressions on cooperation: “We are excited to establish an official partnership with Omnicomm. Smart Tracker is convinced to offer the best equipment existing in the market to prevent theft and help control fleets in your business. Omnicomm fuel level sensors make our integral products great value for money”, – Mr. Andonie shared. “Right now we are also evaluating the software by Omnicomm – Omnicomm Online. Precise fleet management requires good equipment components”, – he added.  

Fuel monitoring solutions are in great demand in Mexico. Cases of fuel theft in the country are not rare. Diverse schemes are widespread on various levels. The ones to blame are usually not only the drivers themselves. Fuel theft on gas stations is widely spread too. As a matter of fact, Omnicomm LLS installed at one of the gasoline stations helped discover that gasoline operators fueled less amounts of gas than paid for.  Besides, the fuel black market is strong in Mexico terrifying fleet owners and primarily gas stations operators.

Smart Tracker has been in transport telematics market since 1998, just like Omnicomm. Among the end clients of the company are such industry giants as DHL, Coca-Cola, American Express, and Novartis. Smart Tracker is the developer and manufacturer of proprietary GPS vehicle tracking solutions and the only nationwide provider of complex fleet management solutions in Mexico.

August 12, 2014