Rastreasul partners with Omnicomm after precise results of test installations

Omnicomm and Rastreasul, a company located in San Marcos, Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil, confirmed partnership after successful test installation of Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensors. Already during several weeks after installation Rastreasul management realized Omnicomm equipment can accurately and safely inhibit any fuel deviations improving use of trucks from its customers.

Rastreasul, a company specializing in fleet monitoring and tracking, provides complete solutions for fleet management, cargo logistics, transport operations. They provide managers with real time web data to increase productivity and profitability that can reduce costs and propose a new way to manage their resources. According to the company’s Director General, Mr. Roque, Rastreasul always strives to innovate in all aspects of business. The company takes into account the demand of customers and market, always honing and perfecting their solutions.

Thus, commenting the main reason that led the company to choose Omnicomm products, Taciana Brochetto, Commercial Director at Rastreasul, points out it was primarily emergence of high demand for this type of equipment and / or software that could identify any kind of tampering or diversion in vehicles fuel tanks: “Emergence of strong demand made us search for a system that would provide reliable information and equipment with high precision technology. After analyzing possible “vendor partners” we concluded that Omnicomm was the best company that matches these requirements due to commitment of this company to its customers”, - she said.

Earlier this year Mr. Roque and Mrs. Taciana Brochetto attended Transposul, the largest Brazilian trade fair for transport and logistics held in Porto Alegre. During the event both representatives noted that Omnicomm is carrying out important work in Brazil demonstrating that no one can afford to lose fuel due to ignorance of fleet management. The company keeps delivering an important message how fuel monitoring can help avoid catastrophic losses in many companies. Rastreasul CEO Mr. Roque says he expects sales of new product boosting soon: “All we need to do now is identify more precisely the target audience that forms this demand for Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensors and work hard to popularize more and more the advantages this equipment brings. Primarily, it is the amount of precise information that can be achieved with the help of their precision telemetry technology”.

As for Omnicomm perspective, the company’s management estimates more products will be used in Brazil, since deviations have been a major concern causing losses to all companies working with truck fleets in the country. Moreover, as Elena Salvadori, Senior International Business Development Manager at Omnicomm, comments: “Our intention is to show other companies that Omnicomm products can be a very promising investment in fleet optimization. It is possible to avoid future problems with significant financial losses, using such equipment as a preventative measure”.

Asked about the money end clients can save applying Omnicomm fuel level sensors, Taciana also shared: “Customers will make an investment in Omnicomm buying their product. But they need to understand that once it’s installed, they will detect various types of fuel diversion, tampering, misuse of vehicles, reduce use of fuel with better choice of routes, better fleet management and other countless benefits, i.e. they will not only detect deviations, but make general optimization the entire fleet functioning, a bigger and more precise control”.

September 26, 2014