Partner Seminars in Kenya Bring In New Contracts

Partner Seminars in Kenya Bring In New Contracts
In March 2017, Omnicomm has visited two key cities in Kenya in order to co-host seminars for local fleet owners with its Kenyan partner. Partner events of this kind aim to provide sales support, attract new clients to companies in charge of Omnicomm products in foreign markets and stimulate their sales.

Nairobi was the first city to host a fuel management expertise session. Omnicomm’s Kenyan partner – Stoic Company Ltd. – helped organize the event. There were about 40 people present, with over 20 of them fleet owners. The seminar demonstrated just how strong the interest in cutting fuel costs and managing fuel was in the country. Its participants raised quite a few questions and took active part in discussions about the specifics of integrating a fuel monitoring system and operating it.

The second seminar took place in Mombasa, bringing together over 30 people representing more than 15 companies. Stoic Company Ltd. also co-hosted this event, delivering Omnicomm’s expertise and product information closer to Kenyan businesses looking for ways to introduce fuel management practices to their operations or optimize their existing solutions.

Looking back on the two events, the Stoic Company Ltd. representative commented, “We’re very excited to see this level of interest in fuel management options. It is very important to be able to communicate directly with companies that are interested in solutions that we offer, as this helps understand their special circumstances or practices, as well as figure out the challenges that lay ahead that we need to tackle in order to offer perfectly tailored products to all our customers. I’d like to highlight the fact that it was especially great to have Omnicomm, the hardware and software producer, present, too. It is crucial to one’s success when the supplier displays real support, is able to answer the trickiest of questions and assure the customers that they can continue going about their business operations while all the system servicing and maintenance remains in expert hands.”

Apart from dozens of hours spent in meetings, Omnicomm also had the pleasure of training technical specialists and sales personnel. The company shook many hands and obtained new contacts and acquaintances; leveraging those is going to be rewarding! In fact, Omnicomm has already received 10 requests and signed 5 contracts, with a few more currently being drawn up.

‘We aim to use every possible opportunity to be in direct touch with our partners and customers in target regions,’ explains Omnicomm’s Anatoly Sidorov. ‘It is essential to get feedback and understand the specifics of other businesses in order to continue advancing our products and services. We place great importance on supporting our partners, and partner events like this are yet another way to back our approach. We’re happy to have Stoic Company Ltd. in our global family of Omnicomm partners, and I am sure that there are still many more customers for us to win together. Can’t wait to expand further in Kenya!’

May 4, 2017