Omnicomm to speak about high-precision fuel consumption control at Baja Telematics, Mexico

Omnicomm, an international high-tech industrial company, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of precise fuel monitoring equipment and other solutions for fleet management, is to present its key products at Baja Telematics 2014 on September 25-26. The industry event is held on the initiative of Argus Telematics, software developer and integrator, for its distribution network including 8 regions of Mexico.

Baja Telematics taking place in Baja California, Mexico’s Western-most region is now held for the second time in a row. According to the results of last year, the event was attended by 245 participants from 8 regions Mexico. This year, along with Omnicomm team major local terminal manufacturers are invited to participate, Omnicomm being the sole manufacturer of fuel control solutions.  The list of sponsors includes the following key players: Calamp, Cellocator, Suntech, Zeek GPS, Novatel, Wireless and Omnicomm.

Mexico, the second largest oil producer in the Western Hemisphere behind only the United States and just ahead of Canada, is crucially dependent on the oil sector. Fuel economy is affected by high level of fuel theft in the country. Hence, quality fuel consumption monitoring solutions are in demand in this rapidly developing state.

Baja Telematics is the first event to feature the company’s equipment in Baja California. Omnicomm’s main purpose is to present and thoroughly describe the key features of high-precision fuel control to the distributors of Argus Telematics who are currently in the process of integrating fuel monitoring equipment in their software with the help of Omnicomm technical support.  Elena Denisenko, Senior Business Development Manager will make a presentation on “High-Precision Fuel Consumption Control” that will cover several aspects concerning such as the advantages of capacitive technology compared with others existing in the market, precision of results and integration of fuel consumption monitoring equipment in complete fleet management system.  

The presentation will take place on September 26 at 11:15
Hotel Real del Rio, Tijuana, Baja California

September 18, 2014