Omnicomm signs four partnership agreements at Telematics India 2014

Omnicomm, international hi-tech industrial company, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of fuel monitoring and fleet management equipment, signed partnership agreements with four large Indian companies-developers, providers and integrators of fleet management solutions. Among Omnicomm’s new partners are such companies as Trans Global Geomatics, Pointer India and Leadwinner. The agreements were followed by issue of Official Omnicomm Partnership Certificates. All the activities took place at the 4th National Conference & Exhibition Telematics India, August 20-21, in Pune.

At Telematics India’2014, India’s most industry focused event in transport telematics, featuring the leading players, Omnicomm presented its flagship products – precise fuel level sensors Omnicomm LLS as well as other transport telematics solutions. Telematics India is not the first foreign industry event attended by Omnicomm team but the first launching platform for the company’s products in India. The outcomes of participation in this event have proved that development of global standards in fleet management, introduction of transport telematics services are a strong trend in the country at present. Both fuel consumption monitoring equipment to be integrated in a system and complex fleet solutions aimed at end clients are in demand by a wide range of industries. Fleet owners are seeking for an accurate solution which could optimize fleet expenses for long. As Sreenivas Grandhi, CEO at Trans Global Geomatics, marked, “We have very big corporate customers in India for whom we are selling complex solutions. We’ve tried a couple of international sensors and decided to go with Omnicomm due to high accuracy of equipment according to feedback from our clients. We’re extremely happy to partner with Omnicomm to provide fuel consumption monitoring solutions which are very crucial for India”.

At the Conference Omnicomm Deputy CEO Stanislav Emelianov delivered a presentation on Fuel Control Management. In his speech he shared cases when expenses optimization reached substantial figures. The topic raised interest among the audience. Transport telematics is a trend in India now. Moreover, the issue of fuel theft and raising petrol and diesel prices are a crucial factor nowadays in this Asian country. “Omnicomm has been in the market of fuel consumption monitoring for over 16 years. The company also runs Analytical Center which regularly analyzes the market and keeps track of the current trends”, – Mr. Emelyanov noted. “What we vividly see now at this event is that Indian market is in demand for quality transport telematics products and services. More and more large Indian companies owning fleets seek how to optimize costs. There are many products in this sphere, but fleet owners are seeking the best value, an accurate solution which could provide the best economic effect for the longest period of time”, - he concluded.

Besides the large new partnerships, at Telematics India Omnicomm agreed for several integrations with numerous tracker and software manufacturers in India and the United States.

August 25, 2014