Omnicomm LLS installed in the largest mobile crane in Europe

Mobilisis, Croatian transport telematics operator and IT-solutions provider integrated Omnicomm fuel sensors into the monitoring system, installed on Europe's largest mobile crane with a telescopic boom, Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1. The oil tanks of a 108-ton huge crane can accommodate up to 900 liters of fuel consumed by two diesels with capacity of 270 and 500 kW. This crane is used to mount and maintain large-sized high rise structures, primarily, wind turbines. It is a type of exclusive special machinery, with just 3 of them in Europe. According to Mobilisis, Omnicomm LLS was chosen for this project after a long testing period due to reliability and adjustability to any type of objects: versatility of Omnicomm fuel level sensors allowed installing them on absolutely any type of equipment – from standard trucks to diesel and fuel tankers. Thus, the Croatian integrator which had been previously using equipment of other European suppliers made a decision to install Omnicomm LLS on each item of machinery as an integrated part within its brand fleet management system. Omnicomm fuel level sensors have been installed by Mobilisis to end clients, among which are agricultural companies, railway services providers, construction organizations and so on. The list is too diverse to name it all. “We are constantly working to improve our products and services”, – Goran Kanizaj, COO, Mobilisis, commented. “Omnicomm LLS is accurate, reliable and, what’s really important for us, suitable for absolutely all types of vehicles. Partnership with Omnicomm allows us to provide our customers with ability to control fuel consumption effectively and thereby increase the value of our telematics solutions”, – he resumed. Omnicomm and Mobilisis have been cooperating for over 4 years. During this time period Mobilisis has fitted various types of vehicles and construction equipment with Omnicomm LLS. Commenting on the results of the latest joint projects, Stanislav Emelyanov, Omnicomm Deputy CEO, noted: “Omnicomm fuel monitoring solutions are known in the market for accuracy. Projects with Mobilisis, especially the recent one, when our fuel level sensor was installed in a huge exclusive mobile crane, have also shown that Omnicomm products are suitable for a broad range of equipment. What's more, it’s truly inspiring Omnicomm LLS is competitive with analogous devices produced by European manufacturers. It's a good stimula for Omnicomm R&D team to further advance our technologies”.

June 19, 2014