Omnicomm launches serial production of a new fuel level sensor Omnicomm LLS 30160

Omnicomm, one of the leading world developers and manufacturers of fuel consumption monitoring equipment and other telematics solutions for various fleet management needs, has announced launching serial production of the new fuel level sensor Omnicomm LLS 30160.

The purpose of creating the new product was to satisfy the increasing demand of transport telematics market for improved reliability of design and data. Unlike its predecessors, the new sensor has a molded vandal-proof housing, the new heavy-duty metal hose and increased protection against electrostatic, electromagnetic and conducted interference.

High-precision fuel level sensors Omnicomm LLS are designed to measure the level of fuel in the fuel tank of a vehicle or in a stationary container. To date, they have been widely used in more than 100 countries around the world in a variety of industries: from passenger cars to heavy mining equipment.

As for the particular design features of the new sensor, its “head” underwent noticeable modifications. Due to its spherical shape the impact resistance increased. The reduced height of the "head" of the sensor makes it possible to install it under the near-capacity units.  The mounting plate became thicker. That serves as additional protection against leakage, while the flexibility for installation in the round fuel tanks is also retained.

The first fuel level sensor was released by Omnicomm in 2004. It was the first high-precision capacitive sensor in the market of transport telematics. Later, in 2007 a completely redesigned sensor was released. It was the sensor of the first generation Omnicomm product line. In 2009 the company released the second generation of sensors - LLS 20160 and LLS 20230. In 2010 Omnicomm launches the sensor with analogue and frequency output, which has been used successfully by the integrators working with GLONASS / GPS-terminals without digital interfaces. Thus, the creation of a new sensor LLS 30160 which was preceded by a long history, allowed accumulating enough experience to move on and offer the market even a more perfect product.

Commenting on the release of the product, Sergey Gorohov, Deputy Director for Business Development at Omnicomm, said that the new fuel level sensor is the result of many years of the company’s experience in the market of transport telematics. “The new sensor is designed taking into account the growing needs of the market in reliability, vandal resistance, ease of installation and operation of the equipment. While working out the requirements for the new product, we took into account feedback and recommendations from our dealers, as well as manufacturers, system integrators and distributors of other transport monitoring systems”,  - he added.

Omnicomm LLS 30160 fuel level sensor has successfully passed certification of conformity with technical regulations for wheeled vehicles.

Development of the new sensor was completed in the mid-2013. Then it was thoroughly tested. “The continuous warranty period we offer and the confidence of the market in reliability of Omnicomm’s equipment does not allow us to release a product into serial production immediately. It is necessary to test it not only in laboratory conditions, but also during actual operation of vehicles. We released the first batch of 1,500 sensors to be tested for 1.5 years in all climatic zones and installed in different types of equipment. Receiving feedback we made necessary changes in the construction and electronics”, - Sergey Gorohov explained.

“Today I can confidently say, based on experience of fuel level sensors application in various industries and conditions, from sulfur and coal quarries to work in high humidity and extreme high and low temperatures, we managed to create maximum reliable and precise fuel sensors, which have no analogues in the world, as evidenced by the growing interest in the product from foreign partners”, - Stanislav Emelyanov, Deputy Director General added.

March 5, 2015