Omnicomm exports high-precision fuel consumption monitoring technology to Mexico

Omnicomm, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of precise fuel monitoring equipment and other solutions for fleet management has exported its technological know-how in fuel consumption monitoring to Western Hemisphere, Mexico. The company’s solutions were presented for the first time at Baja Telematics, Tijuana, Baja California.

The industry event held on the initiative of Argus Telematics, software developer and integrator, for its distribution network this year included over 50 renowned companies from 8 regions Mexico. The list of exhibitors included such key Mexican industry players: Calamp, Cellocator, Suntech, Zeek GPS, Novatel, Wireless and Omnicomm, the only developer and manufacturer of fuel monitoring solutions to be invited at the event.

In her presentation  Elena Denisenko, Omnicomm Senior Business Development Manager for Latin America, covered such aspects as advantages of capacitive technology compared with others existing in the market, importance of precise results and specifics of integration in complete fleet management system. Ms. Denisenko especially stressed high-precision sensor technology Omnicomm obtains. It helps to eliminate the so-called “blind spot”. This “blind spot”, or the space a regular sensor can’t read, can cause inaccuracy ranging from 7 to 100 liters. Omnicomm proprietary sensor technology allows moderating these results lowering percentage of inaccuracy to less than 1%. This can bring the end clients tangible results of up to 50 % fleet expenses economy per month while imprecise data is obviously inutile.

Omnicomm flagship products are highly accurate fuel level sensors Omnicomm LLS. Being in the market of transport telematics for over 16 years, the company has always paid special attention to innovations in fuel consumption monitoring equipment. In 2003 Omnicomm R&D specialists developed the world’s first capacitive fuel level sensor which later become the industry standard.

Omnicomm presentation raised much interest among local integrators. Mexican market of transport telematics is rapidly developing. As the major players note,
the market has been changing much in the recent 10 years. The price of equipment is going down tremendously. At the same time the services are getting more and more complicated. Manuel Gomez, CEO at Argus Telematics, Mexican software developer and integrator, comments: “As Mexican market is evolving, end users are asking for more value-added applications to meet their needs. Despite the fact Argus Telematics is selling more systems each year, it is becoming more and more difficult to compete in the market”. Mr. Gomez says, the whole industry itself is developing fast pace. “Now in Mexico it is extremely important to become an expert in technology and components. It’s about the innovations that influence increasing competition in the market”, - he added.

In order to be on the razor’s edge Argus Telematics created a separate R&D unit to innovate and integrate new value-added applications to their system, entering new markets. Fuel monitoring solutions are among such valuable enhancement. For Mexico it is a tool to affect not only the expenses of separate companies, but the country’s economy as well. It’s no secret, Mexican fuel economy, the second largest in Western Hemisphere, is affected by widely spread fuel theft.

To note, starting from this week, Omnicomm sensors will be available from a stock in Mexico without necessity to order them from Europe or Russia.

October 1, 2014