Omnicomm experience in fuel monitoring to cease fuel theft in Nicaragua

Omnicomm, international hi-tech industrial company, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of highly accurate fuel monitoring solutions, has drawn its attention towards tropical beaches and roadways of Nicaragua. The company presented its brand fuel monitoring solutions at a special industry meeting organized by the largest integrator in the country, NTZ America Latina, on June 17-19. As a result of the meeting preliminary agreements between the key industry players were reached.

Industry representatives from Nicaragua, Columbia, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, Costa Rica and Chile gathered to discuss vital problems of fuel control. The event was mainly centered at the topic of contemporary hi-tech solutions which allow saving fuel at the maximum combining different ways of economy. Nicaragua is a state with agrarian economy, agriculture providing almost a quarter of national income and rational use of machinery, precise control of petroleum are in high demand.

The presentation was delivered by Omnicomm chief technical support engineer Stanislav Tervinski. He provided examples of completed projects and shared vivid figures of economic efficiency. What’s more, he demonstrated live Omnicomm LLS installation process, showing simplicity and adjustability of Omnicomm fuel level sensors to various types of equipment. “We are eager to start cooperation to develop Nicaraguan market. We have now observed that this country is ready for our products. As the extent of vehicle misuse and fuel theft is about to become national disaster in Nicaragua, it is no wonder, Omnicomm presentation aroused huge interest. We are glad that our partners see us as reliable and strong company”, – Mr. Tervinski commented.

Nicaragua Industry Meeting.jpgOmnicomm presentation.jpgTo recall, Omnicomm representatives were invited at the meeting as special guests and speakers by the organizers, NTZ America Latina, in order to make a live demonstration of Omnicomm solutions, which are known to optimize special machinery operations and cut fuel expenses significantly.

NTZ America Latina is a large company specializing in fuel saving solutions. One of its key products is filtration systems for stationary tanks. The company’s equipment removes impurities and water from gasoline reducing fuel consumption and improving performance of motor and hardware. However, this solution is not enough to achieve significant fleet optimization and have large savings because of colossal fuel theft problem. This issue interested NTZ America Latina and other industry players to consider integrating Omnicomm fuel monitoring equipment in their complex systems.

June 30, 2014