Omnicomm developed the first water level sensor for KAMAZ-master team

Omnicomm developed the first water level sensor for KAMAZ-master team
On the eve of the Dakar 2016 international rally-raid Omnicomm specialists developed the new water level sensor specifically for KAMAZ-master team. Currently this high-precision measuring instrument has passed technical testing. It is already installed on all technical assistance trucks.

It is an experimental development carried out by Omnicomm R&D. In May 2015 Omnicomm received a request from the KAMAZ-master design office team for the development and production of the water level sensor. The company's flagship product, the fuel level sensor Omnicomm LLS was taken as a basis. One month later the test model of the water level sensor was passed to the engineer team for testing.

“During a race it is very important for the team to know which amount of fresh water we have left in reserve. Its timely refill means time saved, which is so necessary for maintenance of the trucks after passing special stages of the race”, - Eugene Yakovlev, Head of Design Office and Pilot of KAMAZ-master team commented.

In the conditions of a race fresh water is vital for various needs of the team. It is used for cooking, taking shower after the special stages of the rally and, of course, for the preparation of the trucks for the next step.

"In September this year we conducted the first tests of the new equipment in Kazakhstan. The water level sensor withstood all loads and showed the amount of water in the tanks with high accuracy. At the moment, all the technical assistance vehicles are equipped with water level sensor developed by Omnicomm. So, the next closest test and challenge is the upcoming Dakar 2016, where the sensor will have to pass a complete bunch of tests", - Eugene added.

The partnership between Omnicomm and KAMAZ-master began in summer 2012 with test installation of fuel level sensors Omnicomm LLS in one racing truck. At the same period of time equipment underwent real test in a tough track of "The Gold of Kagan" rally, which was held on the territory of Astrakhan region. Omnicomm LLS fuel sensor showed high reliability and accuracy of data. In January 2013 the challenges continued within the international rally-raid Dakar. The result secured the confidence of the team in the device. And in June 2013 the rally racing team equipped the entire fleet of racing trucks and technical assistance vehicles with Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensor, Omnicomm Profi onboard terminals and LLD fuel level indicators, which allow the pilot to see real fuel consumption, the remaining amount of fuel and kilometers before refueling.

Commenting on the news, Omnicomm Deputy Director General Stanislav Emelyanov mentioned: "We are occasionally getting requests for measurement of water. Most of them come from African countries. Previously we could not offer the market the complete and ready product because we were not engaged in thorough research of the issue. Now our first water level sensor has been designed, all the technical tests have been passed in our laboratory. We also got the preliminary report from the design office of KAMAZ-master team. They report that during the tests of equipment in Kazakhstan the sensor was operating normally, it endured all physical loads and activities. Today I can confidently say that our technology and production allow us to manufacture not only high-precision fuel level sensors, but also highly precise water level sensors as well".

December 18, 2015