Omnicomm Brand Goes Global. Rebranding

Omnicomm Company - fuel monitoring and vehicle tracking hardware developer and manufacturer, has a great pleasure in announcing about international rebranding. The positioning of Omnicomm products will be performed worldwide on behalf of the Omnicomm Company. Due to Omnicomm high activity on the international market, these changes needed to build unified brand strategy.

Vepamon Company continues its operation in the previous mode without any changes, fulfilling the functions of Omnicomm representative office in the European Union. Vepamon keeps its legal entity, organizational structure and logistical functions.

The new website is under construction and complete version will be available from 11.09.2013. Please note, that and search will be forwarded directly to

We hope our further cooperation continue to be fruitful as it has been up to now.

September 9, 2013