Maxima Trans equips its entire fleet with Omnicomm fuel monitoring system

Omnicomm fuel monitoring helps to transport medicines and medical equipment

Omnicomm’s solutions have debuted for the first time installed on special fridge trailers and trucks for transporting medicines and medical equipment around Europe. Maxima Trans, a large Bulgarian transportation company equipped its entire fleet with Omnicomm fuel monitoring system. The company conducts regular shipments of medicines in the Eastern part of the continent, mainly from Bulgaria to Romania, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus.

Installation of fuel monitoring equipment on all the vehicles of Maxima Trans fleet followed two weeks after the demo period. The company’s staff admit that the effect from the test installation was visible right on the next day. Omnicomm fuel monitoring equipment has reduced direct fuel expenses of Maxima Trans by 18%. That immediate result convinced the company’s management to equip its entire fleet which consists of 40 fridge trailers Thermo King each with 300-liter fuel tanks, 40 trucks, each with two fuel tanks. Maxima Trans has fitted 80 Omnicomm LLS 20310 in trucks and 40 Omnicomm LLS 20160 fuel level sensors in refrigerator trailers.

As the main products transported by the company’s fleet are medicines and medical equipment, reliability of transportation process plays a really vital role. Delays, idle time, fuel fraud are unacceptable. To improve security of transport and logistics services, the company needed equipment which could optimize its cargo operations. “We were searching for equipment which could optimize our special cargo operations to improve reliability and security of transportation and logistics services. Thanks to our modern fleet, equipped with professional fuel consumption monitoring system, we are able to fulfill our client’s requirements on the quality of transport destinations as soon as possible with full responsibility. After equipping our fleet with Omnicomm we have reduced our direct fuel expenses by 18%”, – Mr. Stoyan Draganov, managing director, Maxima Trans, commented.

The installation works were carried out by Cast Engineering, Bulgarian system integrator. Their specialists first got acquainted with Maxima Trans at Kamioni truck show in June 2014, where Omnicomm LLS sensors were presented inside DAF trucks. Cast Engineering also conducted live demonstrations of Omnicomm LLS in operation in comparison with other fuel level measurement devices.

“We let people compare results themselves. Omnicomm fuel consumption monitoring equipment for fleet optimization provides visible economic effect. Besides, reliability, precision and versatility makes it suitable for many goals and for any kinds of vehicles and transportation”, – Mr. Daniel Kitin, CEO Cast Engineering added.  

April 9, 2015