CTIA aftermath: Omnicomm announces entering North American transport telematics market

Omnicomm, one of the largest developers and manufacturers of fuel monitoring solutions and various equipment for fleet management, has announced entering the new market, following participation in CTIA Super Mobility Show 2014. Presenting its products in Las Vegas, Omnicomm emphasized the new business development vector it has just taken.

The CTIA Super Mobility Week became a real launching platform for Omnicomm in the United States. The company brought to showcase its products at this large American wireless industry event for the first time in the USA. Omnicomm key products – highly accurate fuel level sensors Omnicomm LLS – aroused much interest among the professional audience. Requests for live demonstration were followed by business meetings to discuss joint opportunities. Already working in Latin America and internationally, Omnicomm is focusing on the North American market which has always been the largest market for fleet telematics and is not losing its status.

The line of Omnicomm brand fuel level sensors presented at the event included one digital model LLS 20160, analog model LLS-AF 20310 which is in fact digital with analog output, and an explosion-proof LLS 20230 sensor. The latter model was used in the joint project Omnicomm implemented in cooperation with Orbcomm for NATO International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. Another American partner is Gosafe Systems, the company specializing in GPS fleet management products. Gosafe integrates digital LLS 20160 into its G6 fleet management system, while the analog LLS-AF 20310 is integrates in G3A.

To identify the priority directions for the nearest future Omnicomm held several meetings with existing and potential partners. Among such plans are projects both for commercial fleet and military. All Omnicomm equipment allows simple integration in any kinds of fleet management systems for almost any types of vehicles and special machinery. “Working with Omnicomm is an advantage for us”, – Director of sales at Gosafe, Imran Khan pointed, – “This partnership gives us an opportunity to tap into the market which is absolutely not our specialty. The ability to combine Omnicomm sensor with our devices allows us to reach new markets as well”.

To recall, Omnicomm has been in the market of transport telematics for over 16 years. The company runs its own R&D center considered one of the leading ones in Eastern Europe. Proprietary manufacture is based in Russia. Since 2010 Omnicomm has also started analytical activities. Based on analyses conducted by the company’s Analytical Center the team sets forecasts exploring potential markets.

September 16, 2014