Brazilian WTrack and Omnicomm sign an agreement on cooperation

Omnicomm and WTrack, the company located in Sao Paulo, signed an important partnership agreement, promoted by successful integration of Omnicomm equipment with WTrack systems. Brazilian customers are about to have the option to track their vehicles while accurately controlling the volume of fuel in real-time.

According to the company’s Director, Odair Neves, WTrack opted by Omnicomm products because there exists a large demand for vehicle tracking equipment in Brazil. Enterprises are looking for real options to reduce costs measurably, especially those related to fuel loss prevention. The solution found at Omnicomm was chosen for fuel consumption control mainly because integration with Wtrack trackers was accomplished easily.

After conducting a market research with various manufacturers WTrack team was verified that Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensors met all necessary quality and safety requirements. Odair Neves pointed out that found Omnicomm expertise in the segment fuel monitoring equipment at the high international level. WTrack received the needed support to integrate the product, thus creating a unified solution to offer to the market.

Sharing first impressions on cooperation Mr. Odair stressed that successful integration was key to improving the quality and precision of WTrack solution. “The possibility of integrating Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensors with WTrack telematics solutions was essential to have opted for implementation of partnership. Since the beginning of integration we had full support of Omnicomm team in the process. All the requests to Omnicomm made by WTrack were answered almost immediately. It was crucial for the success of integration. Our team is strongly encouraged to offer Omnicomm fuel monitoring solutions to the Brazilian market and will spare no effort to be fruitful in this initiative".

As for Omnicomm perspective, integration with WTrack being carried out practically virtually, with Omnicomm team not present in Brazil, proved that the mechanism is really working. The new joint solution will provide customers of both companies with complex high-tech tracking and fuel monitoring solutions. Integration between the information systems uses only updated data, providing faster access to results and avoiding processes which are more complex and time consuming for the business users of the system who value time the most.

“Integration of our protocol with WTrack vehicle tracking system will provide WTrack customers with effective solutions, automating business processes, granting multiple savings in time, efforts, money and reducing errors, since the possibility of having systems that have integrated communication facility operation enhances productivity and efficiency”, - Elena Salvadori, International Business Development Leader at Omnicomm, pointed. “I am very pleased to work with a team that can make this integration work even when our team is not physically present in Brazil now. With high technology we currently have, it is possible to integrate solutions via Internet without any difficulty”, - she added.

June 3, 2014