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Omnicomm presents Zeek Fuel in Mexico
Omnicomm presents Zeek Fuel in Mexico

Omnicomm, an international hi-tech company and developer and manufacturer of fuel monitoring systems, has presented the new joint platform Zeek Fuel. The presentation of the new fuel monitoring solution was held at the 4th annual industry conference Baja Telematics in Mexico City. The event organizer is Argus Telematics, Mexican system integrator, the company focused on developing smart solutions on GPS, telematics and telemetry.

Zeek Fuel was presented to the network of system integrators from 11 regions across Mexico. It is an advanced joint solution developed by Omnicomm and Argus Telematics. The separate platform was designed specifically for monitoring fuel. It can run synchronized with various other features of a fleet management system. Although shown in public for the first time, many local integrators have already received training and installed the solution in trial mode to end customers.

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MOSCOW, September 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Having successfully tested the LLS 30160 fuel level sensor on the home market, Omnicomm is officially launching it worldwide.