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OMNICOMM Newsletter, May 2019


OMNICOMM OKO video monitoring is setting the trend in video-enhanced fleet management with several PoCs and commercial deployments this month. Details in the Regional Highlights section!
The solution contributes greatly to safety in passenger or dangerous cargo transportation, construction and mining, as well as facilitates incident investigation.
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Firmware version 308 for OMNICOMM series 3.x on-board terminals with improved stability and bug fixes is available. Please note that we strongly recommend to update the firmware of all series 3.x terminals to the new version. If you need assistance in remote firmware update get in touch with OMNICOMM support team. Please also provide the list of terminals’ IDs.

Single location for all diagrams in the reports menu
All of the diagrams, including the recently added "Engine Load Distribution by Time Period", "Group rating", "Movement Distribution by Time Period", "Work Distribution by Time Period", "Load for the period", "Movement for the period", " Operation for the period" are grouped now at the end of the graph list.

New Safe Driving report “Violation details” is now available
The new report is a dashboard that consists of a table report, a graph and a map report. The „Violation details“ report facilitates investigation of violation cases. The graph corresponds with the committed violation. For example, if speed limit is exceeded, the „Speed“ graph will open, and if the engine RPM is exceeded, the “Engine RPM” graph will open.
You can set up the parameters to be displayed in the table report and in the pop-up window in the „Track“ report in the context menu of the „Violation details“ report. The report is available both for a driver and a vehicle.


Please find below the links to the latest marketing collateral and technical docs. Feel free to use them for communication with your prospects & existing customers.

OMNICOMM OKO for better safety & incident investigation video. 


OMNICOMM Company Presentation. UPDATED

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OMNICOMM LLS 20230 Fuel Tankers Installation Guide. NEW 
OMNICOMM LLD Fuel Volume Indicator User Manual. NEW

OMNICOMM LLD Fuel Volume Indicator User Manual. NEW

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OMNICOMM OKO for safe passenger transportation
More than 125 passenger busses of a major passenger transportation company are now equipped with OMNICOMM OKO video monitoring, with the full control over passenger compartment, the driver and the road. The company management decided to add video monitoring to ensure passenger safety and make it easier to investigate road accidents.

Month full of partner initiatives 
This May was really hot for OMNICOMM Mexico – full month of joint events with our highly-valued partners. On May 3rd Team Mexico spoke about the benefits of precise fuel-level measurement and held a joint workshop with Teltonika for partners from Columbia, Ecuador & Mexico. Real-time fuel measurement demonstration enjoyed great interest.

On May 7-9th together with our strategic partner Suntech OMNICOMM took part in the biggest Latam security exhibition – Expo Seguridad, explaining how advanced fleet monitoring can improve safety.

On May 15-16th OMNICOMM fuel-level sensors were demonstrated in the most unusual setting: during a golf tournament organized by Kenworth for their 50th anniversary in Mexico by kind invitation from our partner Tecnologistic . Vivid discussion with the owners of the country’s biggest transportation companies validated once again our aim to provide fleet owners the most accurate data on one of their biggest operating expenses – on fuel for full control and efficiency improvements.

End of May together with Soltrack OMNICOMM took part in Expo Transporte Monterrey demonstrating joint solution for real-time fleet and fuel management.

OMNICOMM OKO PoC for major Spanish passenger transportation company
Esel Ami Consulting with the support of OMNICOMM technical team is finishing a test installation of OMNICOMM OKO video monitoring solution for Spanish passenger transportation company in Alicante. Passenger transportation is definitely an industry that can clearly benefit from added safety enabled by OMNICOMM OKO.
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Local partner Esel Ami Consulting (aka OMNICOMM Espania) at SIL Barcelona
End of June OMNICOMM is supporting it local Spanish partner Esel Ami Consulting in their participation in the largest Spanish transportation exhibition – SIL Barcelona. The European partners are invited to stop by booth C313 Hall 1 to discuss new opportunities.
Get in touch with Dmitry Ilyin, regional manager for Europe to schedule a meeting.

OMNICOMM India Facebook page unveiled
We welcome all Indian customers & partners to our new Indian Facebook page for latest news and updates from Team India. Like & follow!

OMNICOMM Online new user interface for white label partners  
This month we finished the transition of all OMNICOMM Online white label accounts to new more intuitive & user-friendly design. Our partners can now benefit from multiple new features added to the software platform. Check out the new features with OMNICOMM India support team.
Send us an email or give us a call us at +91 88807 70770 to schedule convenient time for training.

Heavy cranes Demag AC 700 & Liebherr LR 1750 equipped with OMNICOMM fuel-level sensors
This May our partner RTG Trackers finished installation of OMNICOMM fuel-level sensors for Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai). The company ranks among 100 largest crane service companies worldwide. RTG Trackers is by far an expert in complex installation and monitoring of high-value (each crane cost constitutes up to 2 mln USD) commercial assets.

Fixed point of service (FOPS) by our partner Pariskq IoT Solutions is now open in Gurugram
On May 13th Pariskq IoT Solutions Private Limited, Bengaluru held the opening of fixed point of service equipped with fuel filling station, diesel supply and all necessary equipment to facilitate OMNICOMM fuel-level sensors installation for our partners. The FOPS is conveniently located and has spacious facilities to accommodate even bigger trucks. 
FPOS Address: Jamnagar Filling Station, Manesar, Gurgaon, NH-8, Delhi Jaipur Highway, Gurgaon, Gurugram, Haryana 122052
Contacts:  9880118388 / 9886783883; /

May 6, 2019