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OMNICOMM Newsletter, June 2019

Have you ever come across customers who are not sure whether they need fleet monitoring or don’t have time to interrupt operations for equipment installations?

With OMNICOMM OBD II you have the key to this customer segment. OMNICOMM OBD II is a compact, feature-rich and easy to install plug-and-play fleet tracking solution for businesses with small vehicle fleets, light commercial vehicles and many more. Watch the launch webinar recording or download the launch webinar presentation to learn more. Get in touchwith your regional manager to schedule a PoC.

On June 11th several enhancements and updates to the OMNICOMM Online Safe Driving module were released. OMNICOMM Online Safe Driving enables fleet owners to control driving habits, enforcing safer and more economical driving.
Help your customers mitigate the risks of road incidents and associated expenses, minimize fines for traffic rules violations and overdue or mishandled deliveries, prolong vehicle service life and ensure fuel efficiency – with OMNICOMM Online Safe Driving.

“Violation details” report can be now downloaded as an Excel table
You can now download the table part of the „Violation details“ report and print it for further reference.

“Drivers rating” report updated
This reports displays statistics on penalty points earned by driver / vehicle and represents the rating for drivers / vehicles as a chart. It can be used to create transparent driver scoring system, motivating the drivers to change to safer and more economical driving style.

To see the history of all violations for a driver or a vehicle please double click on the corresponding row in the „Driver rating“ report. The „Violation details“ report for the diver / vehicle will open in a new tab.

Alignment of the driver ID and filled fuel
When during refuelling an RFID card was used this data is now shown along the filled volume in the “Refueler statement” report.


Please find below the links to the latest marketing collateral and technical docs. Feel free to use them for communication with your prospects & existing customers.
Get in touch with the marketing team for printable & co-branded versions of marketing assets!

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Lightweight monitoring with OMNICOMM OBD II brochure. New
Lightweight monitoring with OMNICOMM OBD II presentation. New
OMNICOMM OBD II user manual. New

OMNICOMM OKO Video Monitoring Video. New
OMNICOMM OKO Video Monitoring Brochure. New

OMNICOMM OKO Video Monitoring Video. New
OMNICOMM OKO Video Monitoring Brochure. New

Get in touch with the marketing team for printable & co-branded versions of marketing assets!


OMNICOMM high-precision fuel-level sensors at “Connected life”
In June Omnicomm fuel monitoring solution were presented by our valued partner Tecnologistic at the most important Telcel annual event "Connected Life". The roadshow covered 9 regions and was marked by lots of interesting discussions and rising interest among Telcel distributors in Mexico.

IDT Tecnologias is growing expertise in agricultural installations
Our partner IDT Tecnologias continues specializing in very specific installations: a little extra work is required to dismantle the fuel tanks in agricultural vehicles, but high professionalism and persistency make IDT Tecnologias an expert in agricultural machinery installations. Excellent example to follow!
Well done guys!

OMNICOMM Fuel Monitoring Solution for Devnya Cement AD thanks to great job of Cast Engineering Ltd. (Bulgaria)
Our long-term Bulgarian partner Cast Engineering Ltd supplied OMNICOMM Fuel Monitoring Solution to Devnya Cement AD, part of Heidelberg Cement Group. The customer highly valued the quality of the solution and professional services, as well as the greatest level of expertise and experience offered by our partner. Devnya Cement AD recommends Cast Engineering to all future customers without hesitation. Congratulations to the partner and looking forward to more joint successful projects!

Esel Ami Consulting (aka OMNICOMM Espania) at SIL Barcelona
On June 26-28th Esel Ami Consulting with support of OMNICOMM took part in the largest Spanish transportation exhibition – SIL Barcelona, presenting OMNICOMM Complete Fleet Management Solution and OMNICOMM OKO Video Monitoring.
The partner demonstrated how video-enhanced fleet management can improve safety & efficiency of critical operations and provide video evidence for incident investigation. As usually live high-precision fuel measurement demo enjoyed the greatest interest among booth visitors.

50 heavy construction vehicles equipped by Fleet Management Solutions (Serbia)
In June our Serbian partner Fleet Management Solution finished installation of OMNICOMM high-precision fuel-level sensors to 50 special heavy vehicles engaged in the construction project for natural gas transportation in Serbia. Additional 88 vehicles are to be equipped next week.
We would like to thank our partner for the highest quality of service offered to the customer and for utmost professionalism working with expensive special equipment.

New PoCs for construction industry    
In June two our Indian partners Naaraayani Minerals Pvt Ltd & Rapidgo Technology Distribution Private Limited have completed PoC projects equipping heavy construction vehicles with OMNICOMM fuel monitoring solution.
Our congrats to the partners and fingers crossed to large scale projects soon!
New partner on board
This June we welcome a new partner Piyush Computer Care, Joda, Odisha in our Indian partner community. Looking forward to many years of successful collaboration!

Africa in Moscow
On June 20-22nd, OMNICOMM team, Olga Horeva and Anatoly Sidorov, participated in the African-Russian Forum in Moscow, presenting OMNICOMM Complete Fleet Management Solution and discussing collaboration opportunities with potential partners.

July 2, 2019