Legendary product that has become an industry standard in telematics
The most precise fuel level sensor. Accuracy 99,2%
Compatible with any Fleet management system. Output interface RS232, RS485, Analog voltage, frequency
Digital protocol - industry standard in telematics is supported by most of tracker manufacturers
Works with any type of fuel for combustion engine
Works within temperature range from -60 С to +85 С
Wide power supply voltage range from 7,0 V to 75 V. Short overvoltage protection
Set of hardware and software for your existing fleet management system to add fuel monitoring feature
Complete fuel management solution
Can be integrated into your fleet management system
Integration takes only one week with no effort from your side
Can be made under Your Brand
40+ fuel reports
WEB based and is available in mobile app
Your ready-to-go telematics business
Ready to go Fleet and fuel management system
Time to market = 0
Full cycle technical support of the system
Can be adjusted for your business model
40+ fuel and fleet operation reports
WEB based and is available in mobile app