The Omnicomm solution is a true fuel management system. Service Operators are not limited to only the standard fleet management market in Transportation. Our sensors are perfect for any business that relies on fuel consumption. Partners using our solution are in:

Oil and Gas

Partnering with Omnicomm reduces the pressure on Service Operators to invest in your own R&D. We provide cutting edge technology and customization, feature rich reports and wide functionality.

Use our state of the art R&D to deliver benefits to your customers and stand out from the competition. Work with us is fast and easy – industry leading integration is what our partners value most. OmniComm sets the standards others follow. Satisfied customers include industry leaders such as Gazprom, Halliburton, Wenco, Coca-Cola, Alrosa, DHL, UPS, IBM and Deutsche Telekom.

We take partnership seriously, and work with you at all stages to help you grow your business.

The significant benefits to partnering with Omnicomm include:
Reliability of Equipment:

Omnicomm products are durable and reliable. We manufacture under the strictest quality control and deliver equipment that doesn’t malfunction or break.

Local Representation:

Omnicomm has presence in regions across the globe. We are nearby to support and assist you and we understand your market and language. Omnicomm is committed to working closely with you to deliver excellent results.

Integration into your system:

We deliver data and feature rich reports designed and configured to work seamlessly with your system, branded with your logo. Integration is fast and painless, with no impact on your business operations.


We work with our partners to read and understand fuel reports, and pin point fuel drain events.


Our training center offers training for both sales and technical staff – sessions are in person in Moscow, and remotely via webinars. We cover all aspects of the Omnicomm solution, from installation and configuration to reporting. Partners receive hands-on installation training and master classes, with reference videos available 24/7 on our website.

Technical support:

Omnicomm is always on hand to assist with any technical support requirements. Our technical team speaks several international languages and can answer any questions related to installation, integration and operation of the fuel monitoring system. We have an HQ support center, and qualified engineers in Russia, EU, Mexico, Brazil and India.


If our partners request, we will host and support the solution in the Omnicomm Online cloud. We handle all infrastructure and data processing for you.


As your volume of orders grows, we are willing to provide you with commodity credit, simplifying your life and business operations. Omnicomm is a flexible and accommodating partner.

Marketing and PR:

It is important for us that you are successful. Our PR team will provide you with marketing materials in your language of choice, and will work with mass media for better coverage of your success.

Starter Kit:

Omnicomm stands ready to provide you with everything that you need to begin. All partners receive a set of technical tools required for sensor installation.