Omnicomm LLD indicator display

Omnicomm LLD indicator display

Knowledge is power. Give your drivers an at-a-glance source of reliable information and instant feedback about their vehicles’ condition and performance to prevent fuel emergencies, encourage safe driving and reinforce positive driver behavior.
The Omnicomm LLD indictor display gives drivers a quick and reliable way to determine the level of fuel in a tank, as well as the vehicle’s speed, engine hours or any other value received from the output of OMNICOMM’s on-board terminal.
The OMNICOMM LLD indicator display is installed in the vehicle cab, indoor areas or waterproof boxes, and can be used in two ways:

  • Connected directly to OMNICOMM’s highly-accurate fuel-level sensor
  • Connected to an OMNICOMM on-board terminal
The OMNICOMM LLD display indicator is an optional component of OMNICOMM’s Complete Fleet Management Solution.

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