Omnicomm Unveils New Sensor Line and Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Omnicomm has announced its next-generation fuel-sensor line, even safer and more robust for extreme accuracy and flawless operation in the toughest conditions.

Omnicomm is a global fuel and fleet management solutions provider and manufacturer of high-precision capacitive fuel-level sensors. In addition to a number of enhancements, the LLS 4 and LLS-AF 4 sensors have achieved an ingress protection rating of IP69K – the highest protection available, making our sensors more reliable than ever before, in even the most challenging circumstances.


The release of the new sensors coincides with Omnicomm’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Today, over 1-million vehicles in 110 countries are fitted with Omnicomm equipment. Our sensors are recognized by customers across the world and in every industry for their tough build and consistently high precision-levels.

Abril 3, 2018