Omnicomm Smart Fleet Management for Transport & Logistics: Facilitating Efficiency

OMNICOMM India will share its vision on the emergence of new business models facilitated by the arrival of robust IoT sensors and computing platforms during the Global Logistics Show at the Mumbai Exhibition Center, February 22-24th, 2018.

Modern transportation and logistics has shrunk the world. Every day, vehicles of every kind transport millions of products to the four corners of the earth, over land and sea.

However the transport & logistics industry has one of the lowest profit margins, around 5% according to Frost& Sullivan. Performance optimization and business efficiency are the key topics on the agenda.

Technology is a powerful optimization enabler: mobile computing and navigation devices have become smaller and more feature-rich, routing algorithms are more robust, and vehicles are being equipped with accurate, reliable sensors that measure everything from fuel, to load, freezer temperatures and valuable engine parameters. 

New business models facilitated by the arrival of robust IoT sensors & computing platforms will become a main topic for the CXO panel discussion on February 22nd during the Global Logistics Show in Mumbai. Mohit Mehrotra, Managing Director Omnicomm India will lead the conversation with the peers from Trimble, Future Supply chain, Mahindra Logistics, Blackbuck, DARCL, and industry experts from Alvarez & Marshal.

Omnicomm Founder & Chief Executive Officer Boris Pankov will share his vision on how IoT can transform everyday business operations during the panel.

During the whole event (February 22-24th) visitors of the Omnicomm’s booth 22 can see the live demo of Omnicomm fuel & fleet management platform and explore the benefits of smart fleet management.

Omnicomm India is the official fuel savings partner of this year’s Global Logistics Show.

“We are pleased to be the part of the India’s definitive event on logistics, supply chain & technology and we see a great potential and efficiency gains that our solutions can bring to logistic companies, comments Mohit Mehrotra, Managing Director Omnicomm India. I cordially invite industry peers to our booth to discuss collaboration options and to the CXO panel – to together define how IoT technology will be shaping the transport & logistics industry.”

Febrero 15, 2018