Omnicomm offers an efficient fuel economy scenario for Brazil in times of crisis

Omnicomm, an international high-technology industrial company, one of the world leaders in development and manufacture of fuel consumption monitoring solutions and various equipment for fleet management, presented its key products at Telematics Brazil & Latam 2014. The company addressed a really vital issue for the country, providing a way out for Brazilian business faced with growth of oil prices.

This year’s event in Sao Paulo saw presentations of key industry leaders in automotive and transport telematics spheres. Telematics Brazil & Latam was attended by over 200 representatives from top companies from around the globe. Traditionally it is the central event for the transport sector in Latin America. The topics raised at the conference were majorly relevant to the current situation in the country and the world.

During the conference Omnicomm representatives made a presentation on “Effective fuel economy solutions in times of increasing oil prices”. The speech aroused great interest as the economic slowdown in Brazil provokes a rise in fuel prices and, as a consequence, an increased interest in the effective solutions that will save fuel and money. It is no secret oil prices are rocketing, making it hard for companies owning numerous fleets to feel stable in the market. Thus, one of the major factors influencing demand for fuel monitoring solutions are increasing prices for fuel.

Commenting on participation in the conference Stanislav Emelianov, Deputy CEO at Omnicomm, noted: “It is the second year to feature Omnicomm products at this industry event. Last year when we weretaking part in Telematics Brazil & LATAM we saw that the demand for our solutions was due to the problem of fuel theft and theft of vehicles but this year one more important factor has added up. It is the economic crisis and a significant increase in oil and fuel prices Brazil is facing. Omnicomm is ready to offer the Brazilian market high-quality reliable solution which allows saving up to 50-60% on fuel costs. We have shown how it works by the example of company fleets equipped around the world”, - he concluded.

Omnicomm is making its first steps in Brazil. However by present the company’s brand fuel consumption monitoring solutions has interested more than 80 companies in the region, including manufacturers of GPS-trackers, integrators and software developers to name a few.

Octubre 2, 2014