Omnicomm gains recognition at the TU-Automotive International Awards

Omnicomm gains recognition at the TU-Automotive International Awards

Omnicomm, an international hi-tech industrial company, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of highly accurate fuel consumption monitoring and fleet management equipment, has made it to the final at the global competition in the sphere of transport telematics and connected cars – TU-Automotive Awards 2015. The company was awarded as a finalist in the category “Best Telematics Product or Launch in an Emerging Market”. The product granted with recognition of the Awards is Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensor.

To participate in the competition the companies were required to submit information featuring significant achievements in the selected category. The list to be presented included sales volume, product characteristics, innovative features, data on business development and so on. Besides, the companies were required to make a short video describing the key features of the product or solution.

Omnicomm has been developing globally with fast pace. One of the accents for international business development lies within the area of emerging markets. Latin America, India, Russia and the CIS countries are one of the core markets where Omnicomm fuel monitoring products are in high demand. It is in the autumn of 2014 that the company sold its 500,000th anniversary Omnicomm LLS. The sensors are designed, manufactured and constantly upgraded by Omnicomm. They are known for exceptional reliability of hardware and high accuracy of readings. The level of precision is over 99.2 %. This figure remains the highest in the market. Each sensor undergoes 6 levels of quality control. That insures 100% serial repeatability and eliminates possibility of malfunctions.

The TU-Automotive Awards contest in 2015 was held by the team of Telematics Update in Detroit, USA. As the organizing committee states, it was aimed at celebrating the best companies in the sphere of transport telematics and the connected car industry. The awards were designed to highlight both emerging talents and established players in the space. All the nominations this year were divided into 12 categories: Car Maker of the Year, Commercial Vehicle Maker of the Year, Best Telematics Service Provider, Best Commercial Telematics Service Provider, Best Connected Car System Integrator, Best Insurance Telematics Product, Best Telematics Product or Launch in an Emerging Market, Best Safety or ADAS Solution, Best New Mobility Solution, Industry Newcomer, and Influencer of the Year.

Junio 2, 2015