5 YEARS’ warranty for Omnicomm LLS 4 & LLS-AF4

April this year we have launched the new sensor line – OMNICOMM LLS 4 and OMNICOMM LLS-AF 4: they’re tougher, more reliable and safer than ever.

Both sensors have achieved the highest possible ingress protection rating of IP-69K, enabling them to perform with the same 99.2% accuracy even when subjected to high-pressure, high-temperature washes. This is great for every industry, but especially for vehicles operating in extreme conditions, involved in mining and construction, for example.


Today we are happy to offer our partners the full 5 years’ warranty for OMNICOMM LLS 4 & LLS-AF 4 fuel-level sensors – to make the product even attractive to end-customers and to validate our confidence in sensor quality & reliability.

Looking forward to new sensor orders and exiting joint projects!

Septiembre 4, 2018