Natav Services Ltd. is one of the fastest developing Israeli integrators and distributors of fleet management solutions. Founded in 2010, the company has reached market promienence in the Israel’s transport telematics market. Natav Services provides complex solutions for fleet management that are applied to petroleum controllers, storage tanks, light vehicles and heavy trucks. Among the company’s clients are large transportation companies in Israel, Russia, Mongolia and Guatemala.

One of the company’s strongest products in the market is the “Triple-sense system”, an independent fuel pump control system to internally manage both fuel stations and tankers. It includes Sensatron vehicle identification devices and fueling automation systems to help fleet managers effectively track fuel dispensing and fuel consumption.

Based on locally available vehicle and driver identification data this computerized system controls vehicle refueling via GPRS, GSM, RF or LAN Communications (on-line mode).  Initially, the company was using fuel monitoring equipment supplied by one of the largest US transport telematics providers. However, NATAV chose to switch to Omnicomm due to the quality, ease of integration and cost efficiency of Omnicomm fuel monitoring solutions.

Sensatron Fuel Management equipment is composed of sensors to monitor fuel flow – both to the engine and the reserves flowing back to the fuel tank – and a control system that transmits the information using GSM and GPS modem to the company’s server, where the data is collected and analyzed. The Sensatron system offers several refueling scenarios based on the order of the driver and the vehicle identification. It is possible to connect over 200 fuel level sensors to one Sensatron control system, which results in a complex system structure. The ability of Omnicomm to integrate with ease into any system led Natav Services Ltd. to partner with, and to recommend integrating Omnicomm fuel level sensors into monitoring systems.

“We heard about Omnicomm fuel sensors from our colleagues working in Russia. They shared totally positive experience applying Omnicomm equipment and we decided to test their fuel level sensors, integrating the LLS 20230 model into our systems. High accuracy of Omnicomm fuel monitoring equipment is the main quality indicator for us. After working with the largest US manufacturers of fuel automation systems Omnicomm fuel level sensors proved to be not at all less reliable and more cost efficient in comparison to their American analogues. The system is really not complicated in use; we have found it very well adjustable to mostly any type of vehicles and various types of fuel stations.”
– Ilian Cohen, Owner, Natav Services

The key features of the Omnicomm equipment that work for Natav Services:

Simplicity of integration into various types of fleet management systems with vast or limited functionality and different objectives for fuel monitoring
Flexibility of the Omnicomm equipment which allows easy and blended integration with specific fleet management systems for petroleum stations
The Sensatron system + Omnicomm fuel monitoring solutions results in an integrated vehicle fuel monitoring device with GPS coverage – a successful product in the telematics market.

Natav Services, Israel, has already equipped 150 petroleum stations integrating Omnicomm Fuel Level Sensors within their Sensatron system. Omnicomm LLS provides highly accurate reliable data which is not affected by the complexity of the system it is integrated in.