FUEL EXPENSES REDUCED BY 30%, AND INVESTMENT IN OMNICOMM FOR 460 VEHICLES REPAID IN 3 MONTHS Aeroflot, JSC – a member of Sky Team global airline alliance – is known as one of the top quality air carriers in Eastern Europe.

Aeroflot’s high level of air transportation services is maintained through focused attention to quality and detail.


One of the main parameters of excellence is continuous and reliable operation of all services and departments within a company. After assessing and evaluating existing methods to optimize transportation investment, Aeroflot identified the main priority to be the reduction of fuel consumption at Sheremetyevo international airport. The expense of fuel consumption is the main cost for any company with a fleet of vehicles, the airport is no exception.
After conducting a market survey and analysis of similar systems Aeroflot chose the Omnicomm system which complied with all of their requirements for fleet management. One of the main advantages OmniComm offered was the ability to integrate high-accuracy fuel data into the Aeroflot unified information center. This functionality allowed the Aeroflot to receive a qualitatively different tool for managing its business processes.

  • Fuel monitoring and metering;
  • Navigation and dispatching system for transport monitoring;
  • Implementation of automated security management, quality of service and maintenance costs of transport;
  • Integration of vehicle monitoring system with ERP-system SAP.
The smooth functioning of airport ground services relies on the performance of the fleet at the airfield. Aeroflot sets high requirements for vehicle monitoring systems and control engineering which include:
  • Online tracking equipment on the airfield;
  • Control of personnel;
  • Detailed monitoring of the fleet;
  • Efficient use of technology on the airfield;
  • Monitoring equipment downtime with engine running.
  • Single developer of solutions, manufacturer and supplier of equipment;
  • High-quality service;
  • Experience in aviation enterprises;
  • Omnicomm has successful experience in implementing similar systems at Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg, Kurumoch airport in Samara, as well as at the airports of Surgut, Tyumen, Minsk and Khanty-Mansiysk. Unlike competing systems in the market, Omnicomm sensors provide precision accurate data on expenditure levels, gas stations and fuel discharges, thereby increasing fleet efficiency and preventing fraud of enterprise resources.
  • Responsibility and discipline of personnel working on airfield increased while the risk of incidents, misuse of equipment and emergency situations decreased significantly
  • Reduction of fuel purchases and total elimination of fuel fraud
  • Reduction of mileage and parts procurement
  • Sizeable decrease in maintenance costs and labor
  • Using the Omnicomm solution Aeroflot could calculate real fuel consumption per operating hours. Thus, an opportunity to review fleet exploitation resources appeared. It allowed Aeroflot to cut costs for maintenance measurably – after the OmniComm solution was deployed Aeroflot was able to reduce it’s annual procurement program by over $2 Million USD.
Integrate the detailed data into other systems. The Omnicomm system was successfully integrated with Aeroflot’s unified information center – which equipped the company with a new tool to manage business processes. Customization. Taking into account the specific customer needs, Omnicomm customized reports that were exactly what Aeroflot required. “Fuel level monitoring and metering system indeed can bring tangible economic benefits. During annual budgeting process the plan for purchasing machinery and spare parts was adjusted significantly, since it was possible to see a real need for the number of units, systematically distributing the load between available reserves. Our priorities are not only focused on fighting abuses, but on achieving a comprehensive optimization of the vehicle fleet as well. In severe weather conditions, during ice storms and strong winds, when mission control center can’t even spot the yellow flashing lights of our vehicles – our planes land.” – ANDREW NIKULIN, Director of Ground Transportation, Aeroflot
  • Dead cycle time of ground transportation at the airfield of Sheremetyevo airport was eliminated
  • Frequency of refills was optimized. During installation it became clear that the equipment needed refills no more than once a week, therefore a reduced schedule for refills was put in place
  • The incentive program for Sheremetyevo airport terminal services personnel, aimed at increasing the economic efficiency of driving, was revised and completely rearranged;
  • In harsh weather conditions the performance capabilities of the Omnicomm monitoring system allowed for continued, uninterrupted airline transportation services. Equipment worked perfectly in even the most adverse weather conditions, such as ice storms.
  • Omnicomm LLS sensors are designed to work all around the world, from the North Pole to equator, in all climate and weather conditions (99% accuracy from -60° to +80°С). Omnicomm LLS digital fuel level sensors have two interfaces that can be connected to two terminals. Omnicomm LLS-AF analog sensors are actually digital sensors with analog output. This allows the level of precision necessary for proper and efficient fuel control, corresponding to the level of the digital sensors.
Omnicomm fuel sensors can be powered by numerous power sources that can withstand erratic voltage spikes. Our range of sensors can be powered with as little as 7V DC and up to 50V DC, and have built-in protection to deal with voltage spikes up to +- 200 V DC. Over 700,000 Omnicomm sensors have been sold in 108 countries worldwide, and the company is proud that only 2% of sensors require repair/replacement under warranty.
20 more borewell drilling rigs machines were equipped with OMNICOMM technology after a pilot project. Fuel contributes to over 70% of operating costs and over 50 liters of fuel used to be unaccounted for every day before installation of OMNICOMM fuel sensor. Savings of ₹50,000 per month was achieved per borewell rig after installation of Omnicomm fuel sensor.
Omnicomm fuel level sensors and iSYS Professional software bring fuel costs down by 20% and help optimise key business processes for Salubris S.A. Having reviewed its 5-year partnership with Omnicomm, the Romanian hazardous waste collection company Salubris S.A. is now looking forward to taking its business with the Russian provider of fleet management solutions to the next level.