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Galooli Telecom

Galooli Group is one of the leading telematics vendors of energy-saving solutions and technologies for remote control, monitoring and security for remote facilities. The company has operations in Africa and Latin America with commercial solutions deployed in 22 countries for over 1,500 corporate clients.



Diesel consumption is one of the major operational costs for the fleet, telecom operators and tower owners. The energy costs are 80% of the operating expense, with the generators working 40% in the daytime. At the same time the problem of fuel theft in Africa is really crucial, the rate of tampering with vehicles is very high.

Normally the drivers are the ones involved in fuel theft in the country. Specifically theft happens on stationary assets which makes it problematic to identify whether the contractors, guards, drivers are the ones responsible for it.

During the implementation of large ambitious projects involving the remote monitoring of mobile base stations in East Africa, Galooli decided to utilize Omnicomm’s LLS fuel level sensors for fuel consumption monitoring.

The Omnicomm LLS 20160 fuel level sensors were installed on over 2,000 diesel generators powering remote mobile base stations in Uganda. Using Omnicomm resulted in fuel costs decreasing by 30 – 40%, and overall savings have amounted to over $5 m per year.


The level of fuel theft in Uganda amounted to about 40% before installing Omnicomm fuel monitoring system, and about 7% after installing.

Fuel consumption reduced in 34% just in two years
The company saved more than $5 m annually
Co-location billing from the Omnicomm system provides higher and more efficient revenues stream. Implementation of Omnicomm fuel monitoring solution in East Africa showed that fuel lost due to false invoicing and fuel theft can reach 30-40 % of the fuel expense.

• After the installation of Omnicomm system, the specific ways that the fuel theft was occurring were uncovered. One of them is theft through the return pipe. Therefore, prior to installing the fuel monitoring system, the return pipe could be removed from the genset tanker – preventing the unburnt fuel to return there. It would be siphoned into an empty jerrycan instead. This theft occurred at guarded sites that ran 24/7.

With OmniComm’s help it became possible to identify the persons responsible for theft.
Poor conditions on sites, such as contaminated fuel, broken generators and parts, dead batteries etc. were revealed according to the system parameters

“By using reliable and verified data from Omnicomm fuel level sensors, we at Galooli are able to provide our clients with real consumption rates, constant fuel level, fuel drains and eliminate false fuel invoicing. Galooli’s remote performance and analysis solution relies on the most accurate fuel readings in the market. On behalf of Galooli Telecom I can recommend Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensors as highly accurate. Moreover, Omnicomm proved to be a very reliable partner, our cooperation is very close business-wise and professionally.”
– YUVAL GOLDBERG, Marketing Manager, Galooli Group

Omnicomm LLS sensors are designed to work all around the world, from the North Pole to equator, in all climate and weather conditions (99.2% accuracy from -60° to +80°С). Omnicomm LLS digital fuel level sensors have two interfaces that can be connected to two terminals. Omnicomm LLS-AF analog sensors are actually digital sensors with analog output. This allows the level of precision necessary for proper and efficient fuel control, corresponding to the level of the digital sensors.

Omnicomm fuel sensors can be powered by numerous power sources that can withstand erratic voltage spikes. Our range of sensors can be powered with as little as 7 VDC and up to 75 VDC, and have built-in protection to deal with voltage spikes up to +- 200 VDC.

Over 800,000 Omnicomm sensors have been sold in 109 countries worldwide.
20 more borewell drilling rigs machines were equipped with OMNICOMM technology after a pilot project. Fuel contributes to over 70% of operating costs and over 50 liters of fuel used to be unaccounted for every day before installation of OMNICOMM fuel sensor.
Savings of ₹50,000 per month was achieved per borewell rig after installation of Omnicomm fuel sensor.
Omnicomm fuel level sensors and iSYS Professional software bring fuel costs down by 20% and help optimise key business processes for Salubris S.A. Having reviewed its 5-year partnership with Omnicomm, the Romanian hazardous waste collection company Salubris S.A. is now looking forward to taking its business with the Russian provider of fleet management solutions to the next level.