Integrated hardware

Omnicomm is compatible with wide range of third-party GPS trackers and terminals. This section of the website provides an up-to-date list of equipment integrated in our system.

If you did not find the manufacturer you were looking for, please contact your manager or technical support.

Manufacturer Model Port* ID**
Arnavi Arnavi 15175 IMEI
ATrack ATrack AT5W 15244 IMEI
Autocop Trackpro Autocop TL-2000 15225 IMEI
Baltic Car Equipment FM Blue 15171 IMEI
Baltic Car Equipment FM Light 15171 IMEI
Cellocator Cello 15198 ID
cGuard cGuard 15200 IMEI
Digital Systems Poland Tytan SAT DS520 15258 S/N
Ecotelematics NaviFleet ET100 15211 ID (Sim ID)
ERM Advanced Telematics StarLink Tracker 15204 IMEI
Falcom STEPP II 15242 IMEI
Falcom Stepp III 15203 IMEI
GalileoSky Galileo 2.2.8 15156 IMEI
GalileoSky Galileo 5.0 15156 IMEI
Geosafe G717 15189 IMEI
GlobalSat GTR-128 15249 IMEI
IRZ iON Base 15223 IMEI
IRZ iON Pro 15223 IMEI
ITS-soft MVT-17L3 15248 Freely programmable value
Magic System MS PGSM4 11111 S/N
Maxtrack MXT-140 15224 ID
Maxtrack MXT-141 15224 ID
Meitrack MT90 15226 IMEI
Multi Portal RST-VT 15205 S/N
Naviset GT-10 15157 ID
Naviset GT-20 15157 ID
Neotech Electronics Neotech TR1000 15208 IMEI
Novacom GNS 15168 IMEI
NVS Навитрек УМ-02 15160 IMEI
NVS Навитрек УМ-04 15210 IMEI
NVS Сигнал S-2115 15162 IMEI
NVS Сигнал S-2117 15162 IMEI
ODM TrackOneGps GS300 15252 IMEI
ODM TrackOneGps GS3MINI 15252 IMEI
Queclink GV300 15192 IMEI
Queclink GV320 15192 IMEI
Ruptela FM3 15194 IMEI
Satellite Solutions SAT-LITE 15266 S/N
SkyPatrol TT8750 15190 IMEI
SkyPatrol TT8750+ 15193 ID
SpaceTeam STAB Liner 15183 ID
SpaceTeam STAB Patrol 15183 ID
Standard STD 8 15163 IMEI last 7 digits
Starcom Helios 15245 IMEI
StarLine M15 15235 IMEI
StarLine M17 15236 IMEI
Suntech ST215 15186 ID
Suntech ST240 15186 ID
Suntech ST300 15218 ID
Suntech ST340 15218 ID
Teltonika FM1100 15155 IMEI
Teltonika FM1200 15155 IMEI
Teltonika FM2200 15155 IMEI
Teltonika FM4100 15167 IMEI
Teltonika FM4200 15167 IMEI
Teltonika FM5300 15155 IMEI
Trimble TAP66 15214 ID
AutoFon Автофон Маяк 15230 IMEI
Arusnavi Аруснави (Азимут) 15161 S/N
SCOUT Scout MT-600 Pro Open 15253 ID
GLONASS Omnicomm Маяк 15216 IMEI
GLONASSSoft ADM-100 15173 IMEI
GLONASSSoft ADM-300 15181 IMEI
GLONASSSoft ADM-600 15182 IMEI
GLONASSSoft ADM-700 15267 IMEI
Glosav БК-13 15207 IMEI
Incotex Меркурий TA-001 15152 IMEI
DD Navigator Lineguard 15180 S/N
Kvant КУРС 7 15250 S/N
KZTA Касби DT-20 15165 S/N
Locarus Locarus 702x 15170 IMEI
M2M telematics M2M-Avelon G6 15182 S/N
M2M telematics M2M-Cyber GLX 15166 S/N
Micro Line Technologies Автоскан GPS (НИС) 15215 ID
Navtelevom Cмарт-2330 15228 IMEI
Navtelevom Сигнал-2550 15228 IMEI
Navtelevom Сигнал-2551 15228 IMEI
Navtelevom Смарт-2332 15228 IMEI
Navtelevom Смарт-2333 15228 IMEI
Orbita Technologies Орбита.Навигатор.01 15164 S/N
Orbita Technologies Орбита.Навигатор.02 15164 S/N
Orbita Technologies Орбита.Навигатор.03 15164 S/N
Repeater НИС 1.4 15177 ID
Repeater НИС 1.5 15220 ID
Ritm Voyager-2 15191 ID
Rvi Group RVi-RM04G 15277 S/N
RNT Company Autotracker AT65i 15185 ID
Santel-Navigation Гранит Навигатор .02 15201 S/N ****
Santel-Navigation Гранит Навигатор .04 15201 S/N ****
Santel-Navigation Гранит Навигатор 2.07 15159 S/N
Santel-Navigation Гранит Навигатор 2.08 15159 S/N
Santel-Navigation Гранит Навигатор 4.10 15159 S/N
Santel-Navigation Гранит Навигатор 4.14 15159 S/N
Santel-Navigation Гранит Навигатор 5 15159 S/N
Santel-Navigation Гранит Навигатор 6.13 15159 S/N
ServiceSoft LookOut 15257 IMEI
Sokolinyj Glaz (hawkeye) Autolink 15169 IMEI
TechnoKom АвтоГРАФ GSM 15150 S/N
TechnoKom АвтоГРАФ GSM+ 15150 S/N
TechnoKom АвтоГРАФ Mobile 15150 S/N
Fort Telecom Fort-111 15153 IMEI
Fort Telecom Fort-112 15153 IMEI
Fort Telecom Fort-300 15154 IMEI
Shtrih-M Штрих TahoRUS 15151 S/N

* is a port to be specified in the terminal settings. The address or IP are the same for all terminals.
** is a number to be specified as a parameter when creating a terminal on the conversion server.
*** the data are transferred via the manufacturer’s server. One shall specify a connection address in the conversion server settings.
**** are the last 5 figures of a serial number.