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Specifics of fleet management in mining industry
Specifics of fleet management in mining industry

Mining practically devours energy to produce ore. Statistics shows, that in the past decade fuel consumption at the top miners more than doubled. The massive haul trucks that transport this ore, burn larger amounts of diesel in this process. Controlling the fuel expenses through efficient fleet operations is a top priority for all mines.

The key specifics of fleet management in mining sector is that the systems are primarily oriented towards fuel consumption optimization. The choice of accurate fuel monitoring equipment is crucial because of tough modes of operation. When such giant in the field of mining as Wenco searched for fuel monitoring solutions which would perfectly integrate within their original system, they had the main criterion – high accuracy of fuel readings.

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MOSCOW, September 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Having successfully tested the LLS 30160 fuel level sensor on the home market, Omnicomm is officially launching it worldwide.

El gasto de combustible puede constituir hasta el 50% del total de los gastos de una empresa de autotransporte. Es por esto que es importante no sólo encontrar una manera de reducir el consumo, sino también de evitar los casos de robo de diésel.